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How do I use the site as a user?

You can use the LWUM site as a registered user or non-registered user.
It’s a simple, easy step to Sign Up on home page by filling in your email and password.

If you want to study properly and be engaged in conversations with other users, and access all features including Recording, Chatting, Placing Ads and Replying to ads to seek language partners, students, teachers, coaches, clients, and Downloads, you’ll need to be a registered user.



Why do you call the community “Learn With Universal Mind” (LWUM)?

Two meanings in this title

– First, it implies that you need to learn with the attitude or a state of mind as Universal Mind which is the essence of every existence, in which everything is generated naturally and peacefully without struggling under universal laws, be it in learning a language, or achieving financial stability, health and happiness in your life or having a beautiful and fulfilling relationship etc.

– Second, when you decide to ‘learn with Universal Mind’ (LWUM), the community for universal goodness, you’re on the way to learn to communicate from the inside out effortlessly, to achieve the ultimate goal – communicate at soul levels without those frustrations of misunderstanding, inapproppriate expressions, and to start to live a much balanced life with ease, with satisfaction, towards a full fulfillment of your life potentials.

Why do I need to learn with “LWUM” – Learn With Universal Mind, the community for universal goodness?

We know each individual human being was born a spirit being at our origin, on the course of development we lost the essence of our being, the soul connection with the Universal Sacred Source – different people may name it differently – God, Supreme Spirit, Super Soul or Universal (Conscious) Mind which bind all us together with the universal love and consciousness, intelligence that permeates everywhere and in everything, it operates in the Laws of Heaven and Earth without any prejudice and judgement playing equally to any created beings in existence, therefore it holds the best outcomes for everyone.

When we set out to learn with universal mind, we vision the whole creation and all created beings are in one loving community, and we mean we would learn to drop all human standard rules and mind-binding limitations to free us from conditions that have taught us to fight, to compete, to toil to slave each other.

At LWUM, according to the revelations to our Spirit Guide, X.H. New Wisdom, We have had 5 cardinal incarnations from God, the Supreme Spirit in human history who have brought us the Divine Messages, Knowledge to be bridges between our flesh beings and the Supreme Spirit, and their teachings are the ever green trees in paradise that bring fresh life to us dead flesh and make us alive again. By following the teachings of the 5 cardinal God incarnations, at LWUM we set our aim high, to help transform as many as we can individual beings to its highest viberational state and return to the Eternal Green Pasture. And we know everyone can reach that pasture as long as you make the will, and set your motion on because you were born to be a vibrational Spirit Being as long as you allow this happen, use less your own mind, but more in tune with the Universal Conscious Mind, let the principles of Heavenly Law guide your behaviors and your daily activities with ease. And you will first find yourself become a radiant light, you will feel your whole surroundings filled with love and peace and beauty, and the whole community full of goodness will – and this is Universal Love experienced with Universal Mind.

Do I have to register to study the lessons?

To access the full set of online Mandarin and English lessons including exercises and recording tools, you need to register for it.

LWUM also offers a lot of resources free of registration such as Mandarin/Chinese lessons, English video lessons for improving English and for personal improvement, Learn Chinese Songs, Learn English Songs, Blog Articles. So you don’t need to register to use these features

Do I have to pay to study the courses?

All the online Mandarin/Chinese lessons and English video lessons, Learn Chinese Songs, Learn English Songs are set free, you can study by only using the online materials. 

However LWUM’s  full learning approach is backed by the Learn With Universal Mind Textbooks which contain a series of visualization, affirmation and meditation. To achieve the desired outcome of ultimate communication, you need to purchase the relevant textbook to match each online level.  To order the textbook PDF version click here; to order the textbook paperback version on click here


Why can’t I view the lessons?

Some of the contents on the website are Flash files . To use the site properly, you need to have the latest Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave Player


Can I play the lessons on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad?

To Play Flash content on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, go to your App Store and download the Puffin Web Browser Free application

Do I have to register to post ads and comments?

You need to be a registered user to post ads, and you fill the form to place your comments

Can I apply to be a guess blogger?

Please visit the link to look at the requirements for guess bloggers and apply

What kinds of articles can I post on the blog as a guess blogger?

Currently as a guess blogger, you can write all kinds of article postings that are inspiring, uplifting under the following categories, however there will be more categories to come up 

sunbmitting your website and Online Orders

How do I have my website listed on LWUM?

You can either pay a one time permanent fee or set up a link back to LWUM’s website. Before your website is listed you must make the payment if choose to pay a fee, or you need to have the Link back to LWUM activated and let us know by submitting the link page url in the submitting form if you choose a reciprocal listing.

Your website will not be activated on LWUM’s website if we do not receive the fee or access the link page on your website.

How Do I View My Orders?

Once logged in you can visit your account page, You will see a list of all the orders. Clicking on the order number in the first column will show you the order details.

How do I download my digital purchase?

After you have made the payment for a purchase, the system will direct you back to the Order Received Page, there is a link for downloading your purchase; alternatively in the confirmation Email there is (are) a link(s), and you can also download by clicking that link(s). So please make sure the email address you fill in is correct when you make a purchase.

Learning and Teaching English

Learning and Teaching Chinese

Why Do You Use the Seven Colors in the Chinese Textbooks?

Ruby Red, Orange, Yellow, Emerald Green, Light Blue and Indigo Blue are the first six of the seven cosmic colors. The seven cosmic colors represent the seven chakras in the human body from the Base to the Crown along the spine, which are the energy centers of the human body. It’s believed that the chakras are not fully activated, even blocked in the  majority of the population, and that’s why many people have physical, emotional and mental issues. Through chakra meditation the energy centers in the human body can be activated, cleansed and fully charged to help people live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

LUWM applies one cosmic color to each of its Chinese/Mandarin Textbook cover according to the color frequency,  and incorporate a series of meditation. Through these design and the meditation, it helps the learners to activate and clear their chakras, and help learners absorb the language. The names of the textbooks are carefully chosen: Daily Connection, Daily Contemplation, Daily Compliance and Daily Comfort, Elite Engagement, Elite Enlightenment, from the beginning level to much advanced level of the language during the learning process, your ability of mastering the language  and your capacity of understanding about life would equally grow as the names symbolize.

In Fact, just by looking at the colors quietly each day for some minutes, it would help you balance your chakra energy

Note: the black color is used for the cover of Introductory Chinese, it implies that you’re ‘blind’ to the Chinese language before you start the learning, and ‘blind’ to  the  spiritual world before you’re able to tap into it through an activation and practicing process

Someone suggests the full set of the textbooks is a good choice for a gift.

Why Does the Learn With Universal Mind Chinese Textbooks Have 7 Levels, Total 108 Lessons

At Learn With Universal Mind, facilitating the soul wakening, a spiritual journey to the masses is the center of our work. The online Chinese learning system on LWUM is a part of our offerings to people who wish to become a multi-lingual New Earth Citizen by learning Chinese and also be equipped with a new Green mentality and Green approach to life.

To make every part of the learning process and experience in alignment with Spirit, we have reorganized the original 12-level learning materials (108 lessons) into 7 Levels and named them with the likely station space in the Spiritual Journey, also incorporated color and meditation guidance in the textbooks to imply that the learners, by will, embark and reach the Spirit Realm through the learning process.

Seven or 7 is a number that has a lot of spiritual representations:

– it speaks the spiritual world. In Genesis, God Created the world in 7 days which implies God created all beings in the Spirit World first, then they crystallized in mass into the physical world
– it also represents the spiritual pulling from the gravitational center of the universe and the inner being of individual beings, in other words the soul pulling. It heralds the soul journey of humanity from mass to energy, from physical focus to spiritual focused reality. In Arabic scriptures, Hagar, Abraham’s second wife run seven times between Safa (Spiritual summit) and Marva mountains (mass peak or condensation) to seek water, Spirit, the True Life (elaboration in Book “Stop Stop Stop Undust the Common Sense of Timeless Wisdom – Transformational Initiatives to the Green Earth Life). In Chinese legend, the Seventh Fairy Lady (daughter of Purity Jade Emperor and Empty Origin Mother) descended to the world and fell in love with a farmer (a natural being) which implies a happy outcome from the spiritual journey of human beings.

About the number ‘108’:

The number ‘8’, when it is put sideway it is the symbol in maths for Infinity, and it is two ‘0’ (Emptiness, Unlimitness) combined.

The number ‘108’ is a sacred number, the 1 + 0 + 8 format, when looked at backward it is ‘8 + 0 + 1’, it implies human’s consciousness journey at a point will reach the state where the two worlds combined together equally exist and harmoniously become One Unity.

We have recognized that we are living in two worlds – the Spiritual energy world and the mass physical world. Human being’s body is a Unity of the manifested flesh body and the unmanifested Spiritual Soul, the Yin Yang unity.

Human beings were created and put on the Earth, a middle ground; The Sun represents human’s soul, a highest energy field and the moon represents the originally created human’s unity body which is the purist physical state.

Some things related to the Number ‘8’

– the distance between the Sun and Earth is roughly 108 times of the diameter of the Sun
– the diameter of the Sun is roughly 108 times of the diameter of the Earth
– the average distance between the Earth and the Moon is roughly 108 times of the diameter of the moon

Human beings are part of the natural world, therefore a natural state human being would follow the rules of the nature. You can also find a lot of synchronicity in religious and other spiritual practices such as chanting Mantra 108 times as a complete full service, Mala has 108 beads, and the Sanskrit has 54 letters, each chanted to Shiva as masculine aspect and Shakti as feminine aspect totaling 108 etc.

Do you have a suggested approach for me to follow for the study?

Yes. For learners who study by themselves:

study approach. 1#

For learners who study with a teacher:

study approach. 2#

How do I use the Chinese lessons as a learner?

There are 86 lessons/units currently progressively developed in Introductory Chinese, Daily Chinese (Level 1 – 4, conversational dialogues) and Elite Chinese (Level 5 – 6, various writing styles)

These lessons are fully interactive and include 15-20 different exercises in each lesson for listening, speaking, reading and writing with hands-on practices, facilitated with the Recoding and Chat tools, you can feel very ease to study them by yourself. We strongly recommend you to combine the online lessons with the textbooks which incorporate powerful mind-training tools such as Visualization, Color and Chakra Meditation and Affirmation to help you absorbing the language, and also lead you to a habit of positive thinking which would also benefit all aspects of your life.

If you want to progress much faster, find a teacher online the site who can give you immediate guidance and explanation when you need and always be in the culture and human contact.

How much time should I dedicate to each course?

Yes, we suggest that you make a study plan, write down what you want to achieve, in how long time, and how much time you want to dedicate to the study of Mandarin. Here is the guidance for your plan

study plan

E.g. of study plan



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