How do I use the Chinese lessons as a learner?

There are 86 lessons/units currently progressively developed in Introductory Chinese, Daily Chinese (Level 1 – 4, conversational dialogues) and Elite Chinese (Level 5 – 6, various writing styles)

These lessons are fully interactive and include 15-20 different exercises in each lesson for listening, speaking, reading and writing with hands-on practices, facilitated with the Recoding and Chat tools, you can feel very ease to study them by yourself. We strongly recommend you to combine the online lessons with the textbooks which incorporate powerful mind-training tools such as Visualization, Color and Chakra Meditation and Affirmation to help you absorbing the language, and also lead you to a habit of positive thinking which would also benefit all aspects of your life.

If you want to progress much faster, find a teacher online the site who can give you immediate guidance and explanation when you need and always be in the culture and human contact.

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