Green Earth Life Initiatives in Action

Since men’s disconnection from the Source, the original Yin-Yang forces lost their balance in men, and men have been struggling, striving and wrestling with God and their brothers and sisters, therefore led to the life circle on Earth lost its balance.

As Gautama Buddha said, “Just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past over and over again.”


To become a New Earth Citizen, to bring forth a New Earth life – Green Earth Life (simply coined by X.H. New Wisdom), it is a Divine task for this generation of human beings, both as an individual and the whole species as one being, to recognize and acknowledge everything in our life that belong to the old energy of holding, possessing, controlling and manipulating for the benefit of only oneself or a part of the Whole, which do not serve the advancement of individual and society anymore, and fearlessly take on and let go of them.

Before you go down further, watch and listen to this video/audio play carefully, ponder on the words in it; whoever gets the meaning and resonate with it will find peace and balance in them and will enter the State of New Earth Life:

Below is not an exclusive list of Green Earth Life State initiatives, more will be enlisted with the expansion of our understanding and awareness. Some of the initiatives have already been adopted by a lot, some still take a bit more determination for you to get there, and some may sound very radical to a lot people at the moment, however under the principles of the Heavenly Law, these are super natural. Envisage them, we’ll get there…

If you are already in it or decide to implement it from now on, click ‘like’; if any of the initiatives means a challenge to you, you want to work towards it or if you want to discuss about it, check NLNE events and participate in them. And Be Aware that you will be ONE STEP CLOSER to the Green Earth Life state with EACH ENLISTED INITIATIVE you have fulfilled. And always come back to this page to check about your progress.


Your immediate, or yet to come influential actions

  1. Let the four heavenly principles - unconditional love, abundance of life forms, freedom and equality to guide your daily activities, bind your actions in all aspects of your life.
  2. keep away from giving birth to new babies in the coming 20 years to contribute to the population reduction of human species (each species is on the full circle of life on Earth which was originally created in balance and had been broken by the explosion of human population and human’s unconscious activities)
  3. Adopt children that already have been born on earth if you want to take care of babies, for we are brothers and sisters, coming from the one family
  4. share your car with other people (or join car sharing network) to reduce the number of motor vehicles on road and in parking therefore reduce car emission to the air
  5. use repaired, refurbished computers, electronic devices to reduce the pollution to the Earth environment
  6. keep using your old electronic devices, machines (cell, ipad, ipod, kindle, printers, etc.) to the limits of their service to help save our environment from further pollution
  7. encourage yourself in using public electronic facilities and limiting the possession of private ones to live a simple life
  8. let ‘time is life’ instead ‘time is money’ be your motto, to guide your social interactions, professional , governing decisions, and all your daily activities, to be lorded by Life not by money or desires
  9. barter trade your material belongs, services as much as you can, give away your possessions you do not need to those in need
  10. let SHARING and DEPOSSESSION be your life pursuit, avoid wasting your own energy and reduce your stresses to live a simple, easeful life; and to avoid over exploitation by human species of the natural resources deployed by God for all in the life circle on Earth
  11. reduce your employed work hours by half to reduce your stresses, working for need only, instead for more, for extra, for endless desires
  12. give or donate 10-50% of your income away to those in need, to a cause you care
  13. reduce your travel by air by half for our environment and for your ease of life
  14. reduce your travel by car by half for our environment and for your ease of life
  15. reduce your travel by any motor vehicle completely by half for our environment and for your ease of life
  16. reduce energy consumption in general at home and at work through restraining usage of air conditioning, lights, refrigerator, etc.
  17. reduce eating to two meals a day only (this is recommended for non-labor workers) to avoid over eating caused physical illnesses, meanwhile the one meal saved from many when added together will feed millions of people who are hungry
  18. eat healthy food without chemical fertilizers, with balanced diet on vegetable, fish, meat and grain products
  19. focus on positive thinking with open and loving heart, see other people as your sisters and brothers since we are from the one Eternal Family, envisioning a peaceful land to live on
  20. read the sacred texts presented on, ask the Divine to guide you for understanding
  21. read “2 in 1 in 2 The Supreme Revelation” books and spread the Divine messages to the world
  22. purchase and give as gift sets of “2 in 1 in 2 The Supreme Revelation” books to your friends, relatives who are struggling in life, who may not know they are seeking spiritual awakening , and show your compassion and show your care about them. Do not argue, do not debate with anyone, for argument and debate more likely incite disputes and anger, but pray for them, it is God’s will and their own will if and when they would be awaken
  23. participate in the walking meditation network, immerge yourself in the energy field of peacefulness
  24. start to meditate at home every day from 10-30 minutes to 1-2 hours to form a habit of your mind in connection with the highest cosmic energy and in conversation with God, the Universal Conscious Mind
  25. keep plants in your own house, plant trees in your own yards if you can, have yourself surrounded by green, natural environment
  26. participate in public forestation programs/activities to help restore natural environment where you are living
  27. immerge yourself in nature, connect to Nature Spirit, live a natural life style
  28. donate your money for New Earth New Life State Initiatives towards
    1. - Human population reduction projects
    2. - Human soul awakening projects
    3. - Wildlife conservation projects
  29. Be responsible for your pets and their trainings for living surround people, and care about their well being
  30. Respect and Regard other life forms as equal as your own, avoid unnecessary killing and destroying
  31. Be observant to animals and willing to learn from them. The biggest lesson besides a lot we can learn from animals is their detachment
  32. Return your body to the earth’s life circle after the physical death by offering it to animals on land or fish in the sea through sky funeral, to help flourish the life circle on earth, and help recover natural food supply on Earth
More coming…
The Kingdom of God is inside of you, and is outside of you. Envision it, you’ll get there!
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