Why Do You Use the Seven Colors in the Chinese Textbooks?

Ruby Red, Orange, Yellow, Emerald Green, Light Blue and Indigo Blue are the first six of the seven cosmic colors. The seven cosmic colors represent the seven chakras in the human body from the Base to the Crown along the spine, which are the energy centers of the human body. It’s believed that the chakras are not fully activated, even blocked in the  majority of the population, and that’s why many people have physical, emotional and mental issues. Through chakra meditation the energy centers in the human body can be activated, cleansed and fully charged to help people live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

LUWM applies one cosmic color to each of its Chinese/Mandarin Textbook cover according to the color frequency,  and incorporate a series of meditation. Through these design and the meditation, it helps the learners to activate and clear their chakras, and help learners absorb the language. The names of the textbooks are carefully chosen: Daily Connection, Daily Contemplation, Daily Compliance and Daily Comfort, Elite Engagement, Elite Enlightenment, from the beginning level to much advanced level of the language during the learning process, your ability of mastering the language  and your capacity of understanding about life would equally grow as the names symbolize.

In Fact, just by looking at the colors quietly each day for some minutes, it would help you balance your chakra energy

Note: the black color is used for the cover of Introductory Chinese, it implies that you’re ‘blind’ to the Chinese language before you start the learning, and ‘blind’ to  the  spiritual world before you’re able to tap into it through an activation and practicing process

Someone suggests the full set of the textbooks is a good choice for a gift.

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