Why Does the Learn With Universal Mind Chinese Textbooks Have 7 Levels, Total 108 Lessons

At Learn With Universal Mind, facilitating the soul wakening, a spiritual journey to the masses is the center of our work. The online Chinese learning system on LWUM is a part of our offerings to people who wish to become a multi-lingual New Earth Citizen by learning Chinese and also be equipped with a new Green mentality and Green approach to life.

To make every part of the learning process and experience in alignment with Spirit, we have reorganized the original 12-level learning materials (108 lessons) into 7 Levels and named them with the likely station space in the Spiritual Journey, also incorporated color and meditation guidance in the textbooks to imply that the learners, by will, embark and reach the Spirit Realm through the learning process.

Seven or 7 is a number that has a lot of spiritual representations:

– it speaks the spiritual world. In Genesis, God Created the world in 7 days which implies God created all beings in the Spirit World first, then they crystallized in mass into the physical world
– it also represents the spiritual pulling from the gravitational center of the universe and the inner being of individual beings, in other words the soul pulling. It heralds the soul journey of humanity from mass to energy, from physical focus to spiritual focused reality. In Arabic scriptures, Hagar, Abraham’s second wife run seven times between Safa (Spiritual summit) and Marva mountains (mass peak or condensation) to seek water, Spirit, the True Life (elaboration in Book “Stop Stop Stop Undust the Common Sense of Timeless Wisdom – Transformational Initiatives to the Green Earth Life). In Chinese legend, the Seventh Fairy Lady (daughter of Purity Jade Emperor and Empty Origin Mother) descended to the world and fell in love with a farmer (a natural being) which implies a happy outcome from the spiritual journey of human beings.

About the number ‘108’:

The number ‘8’, when it is put sideway it is the symbol in maths for Infinity, and it is two ‘0’ (Emptiness, Unlimitness) combined.

The number ‘108’ is a sacred number, the 1 + 0 + 8 format, when looked at backward it is ‘8 + 0 + 1’, it implies human’s consciousness journey at a point will reach the state where the two worlds combined together equally exist and harmoniously become One Unity.

We have recognized that we are living in two worlds – the Spiritual energy world and the mass physical world. Human being’s body is a Unity of the manifested flesh body and the unmanifested Spiritual Soul, the Yin Yang unity.

Human beings were created and put on the Earth, a middle ground; The Sun represents human’s soul, a highest energy field and the moon represents the originally created human’s unity body which is the purist physical state.

Some things related to the Number ‘8’

– the distance between the Sun and Earth is roughly 108 times of the diameter of the Sun
– the diameter of the Sun is roughly 108 times of the diameter of the Earth
– the average distance between the Earth and the Moon is roughly 108 times of the diameter of the moon

Human beings are part of the natural world, therefore a natural state human being would follow the rules of the nature. You can also find a lot of synchronicity in religious and other spiritual practices such as chanting Mantra 108 times as a complete full service, Mala has 108 beads, and the Sanskrit has 54 letters, each chanted to Shiva as masculine aspect and Shakti as feminine aspect totaling 108 etc.

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