The Teaching

If life is the ocean, your body is the ship to carry you to your life destiny, then your mind is the captain, your soul is the compass.

                                                – Excerpt from book one of “2 in 1 in 2 The Supreme Revelation” Trilogy


We human beings, invented the compass from outside the body, but buried deeply the original one layer after layer from inside, and unconsciously deactivated its navigating function through disconnecting it from the Spirit, the Source, the Universal Mind, the God Head Nature. Throughout human history, we have been overly using the mind, but sabotaged the soul, therefore losing the balance between them.

Here in LWUM, by following the original teachings and messages of the five cardinal Incarnations and Messengers of The Universal Conscious Mind in human history, I.E. Krishna, Laozi, Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad, we’re teaching, facilitating, counseling and exploring to help balance  the physical body and the Inner Being through meditation and new earth new life initiatives; and through these teachings and initiatives, a new body is expected to be born, and you’ll surely get prepared to enter the new State of Life with God Nature. According to the Supreme Revelation to X.H. New Wisdom,  these five great spiritual masters in human history are the Five Trees in paradise whose leaves (their original teachings) never fall (reference: 2 in 1 in 2 The Supreme Revelation, Part II, the Decoding. P30)

Green Earth Life Initiatives is not a movement but a State that all earth citizens are welcome to join and enter no matter you are ‘ordinary’ people or government officials, individuals or groups of people. In this state, citizens return to their child nature –

SIMPILICITY is the principle of life, UNDIVIDED LOVE is the essence of the Oneness belief that guide the daily activities and behaviors of New Earth Citizens

The Supreme Law expressed in the four principles: Unconditional Love, Abundance of Life Forms, Freedom and Equality, which are written in the coded messages in the descriptions of the four rivers in
Garden of Eden (reference: 2 in 1 in 2 the Supreme Revelation, Part II, The Decoding. P68),
will be the binding laws for Citizens of the New Earth New Life State. All initiatives
under New Earth New Life State would be designated and instituted according to these
four principles. All people are welcome to join and work to build a new body towards
this beautiful but originally created state of being.


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