Green Earth Life Initiatives Consultation

We are amazed at how quickly the human’s minds can pick up fashionable words upon a new social wave’s arrival. At the dawn of this new era of human consciousness evolution – a  true change, we noticed words like ‘connected’, ‘abundant’, ‘flow’, ‘ vibration’, ‘illuminate’, ‘consciousness’, etc. etc  have been adopted by a lot of people and businesses in their speeches and advertisements, but their content remains the same, therefore they are struggling. We would tell you – this is a full scale social change of top down and bottom up, left to right and right to left, and this is a change from the inside out; this is not a tidal wave but a continuous flood, and soon it will turn into an ocean to cover the entire Earth; so before it’s too late, you’d better learn swimming, refurbish  your exhausted, wretched ship (your body) or completely change to a new one.

balance -new earth

              Image Partly Contributed by Henrik Neijman

To correspond  and cover all the Green Earth Life Initiatives and not limited to, we counsel to
–  heads of governments and
–  policy makers at organizations, groups, local communities and governments

who are seeking solutions for a fairer, better and a peaceful world and who are working for the goodness of all. Through our consultation, Green Thinking, Green Governing, Green Doing are the outcomes for all who are living on Earth

We believe, money/currency as an accounting tool and stimuli for social advancement has finished its historical functions in human history, like all things, come and go, it will eventually vanquish from human’s life, therefore we decide our consultation services are based on donation. It is true, how much money can you buy your Eternal Life, how much can you buy and where can you hear the invaluable messages flowing out from the Eternal Spring.  However at this space time in this physical world, we are still living in the money wired systems, we do need money to sustain, to carry out the Divine Mission, so we need your donation.

To ensure the most purified messages coming out through us, we are living a full- or semi- retreat life. Helen Xinhui’s available time for consultation is limited, most of our teachings you can receive from our books,  writings, publicized messages, videos, DVDs etc.

Online availability at US Eastern Time (5h behind GMT in winter time, 4h behind GMT in Summer time):

Tuesdays  1-4pm      Thursdays 3-6pm       via Skpye (teacher-ch-us)
15 minutes   30 minutes   45 minutes
(Now you can also join the Golden Phoenix Forum to receive consultation)

Please decide how long you would need the session last and submit the amount you would like to donate on the donation page, and fill the form on contact page, tell us what’s your concern and what do you want to get, and the day and hour we can serve you, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

A requirement: you would need to read the books ‘2 -in- 1  in 2 The Supreme Revelation’ before you decide and come for the consultation, for your concerns and issues may have already been resolved just by reading the books, we do not want to waste either of our times;  and you would get well prepared for the consultation if you still need it after reading the books.

Track Records: We’re doing unprecedented things in human history, everyday is a new track record for us – the world is changing for the direction It is designated,  prophecies and words coming through us are unfolding and manifesting at any minute; Also Helen Xinhui wrote letters to Beijing Municipal government in the late nineties giving suggestions regarding Beijing’s transportation system and education reform. And we know that some of her advice have been taken, such as how to develop and form a web of transport system between bus, metro lines and train stations linking the ring roads when there were only two ring roads, one loop line and a straight line of metro at the center of Beijing, and two train stations.

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