My Dog, ‘Hero of the World’, Brexit and Unbridled Business Conduct (1) –

While I was living in the Uk some 15 years ago with my ex, I got my dog Hero at about 7 weeks old. The vet recommended freshly cooked chicken breast meat as supplement to his Science diet for muscule growth. The chikchen breasts we bought at supermarkets and cooked were so soft, fresh, smelled delicious still in my memory today . Then when Hero got about 4 months old, we went back to China, my ex was a UK expat working in China at that time. I was following a similar diet for Hero, bought chicken breasts and beef as supplement to his dry food, already I noticed the meat was hard/tough, didn’t smell as good as that in the UK markets, but still ok, no problems. And then at about Hero’s 4 years old, we moved to US following my ex’s work change. Still applying a similar diet for Hero, I bought chicken breasts and beef from supermarkets as supplement to his dry food; but to my disappointment, after the first meal, he got diarrhea, blood even seen in his poop (he did have sensitive stomach). People told me the chickens and cows farmed were injected hormones for fast growth and antibiotics to prevent diseases. So I had to shop arround to find the right products. I told these to my limited number of American friends, but they seemed not like hearing it at that time. But now many people know what’s happened on the farmed animals here in US, and there are also some health issues on the market such as too much pesticides used on agriculture products, too much sugar, salt in food sold on the market, no diect labels on GMS products.
I call my dog ‘Hero of the World’ because he was not only a companion and teacher in life, he was also a testimony, with his own blood and life, of what the world has been through in the last 1-2 decades for the food standards.
Many believed and it was a fact that the food standards in the EU countries were higher and It seems still so because they have some adequate regulations to guide the food industries. I know in France and UK while I was living there, you could just wipe the apples bought from supermarkets with your hands and instantly eat them, but I would not do it in China and US because of large doses of pesticides used on them.
Now lets come to the points, when the Brexit referendum voted slightly favoured the Exit (there was likely big drama behind the scene), we did foresee some serious problems and hoped the British people could find their way out, hoped some of their leaders with vision of life and EU leaders could prevail in this struggle, together they could make some breakthroughs for this European Union where they were bounded not only geographically but some true concrete cohesion in culture and traditions for more than 4 decades, however it is right under our eyes that everything has happened and is still happening off alignment of the Divine Principle of Universal Balance and the creation principles.
(to be continued…)

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