A little girl crawled from one bed to the next, with no one attended, tears running down her face, a swollen boil covering almost her entire upper arm; Dad was denounced in public crowds almost everyday by the Red Guards and came home very late; Mum was interrogated by the police from time to time because of Dad’s service history in the Kuomindang troops and so she just collapsed and was sent to aunt’s home for recovering…

A few years later, the little girl grew up a bit, but things didn’t change much: some neighbors spat in front of her house when passing by; her older brother was bullied by his classmates grabbing his cap and kicking it as a ball…

The little girl was me. For a long time in the years when I grew up into adult, I felt I didn’t get enough love from my parents (I didn’t blame them, it was just the fact and because of the history), many, many times when I saw other kids getting a lot of attention and love from their parents, I admired them a lot.

But fortunately thank God, I was born with innate love, I’ve grown up with a heart that does not want other kids, people have the same experiences as I did. Once one of my friends asked me when he heard of this, if I hated the communist government and those people who humiliated me and my family, I said No I didn’t. I have never had any hatred towards them or anyone who offended me; to the maximum, I just don’t think of them. Now I have more to say: Forgive them, because ‘they know not what they do’

History always recurs, no matter good or bad, but history is formed by human beings. If we want to avoid those tragedies from recurring, we must understand our own behaviors, and must jump out of the old patterns of them completely.

That whole generation of China, the whole China needs to be healed,
That whole generation of Asia, the whole Asia needs to be healed, and
The whole humanity, the whole world needs to be healed.

– The World Needs Healing

I’m a dreamer, an idealist, and I’m also a practitioner; I’m a teacher, an educator, now I’m starting to preach, on what I believe…

We all came from the same Source, the Universal Conscious Mind, some may call it God, or the Supreme Personality of God Head, with Love and Light in us when we were born; while on this life time journey on this physical world most of us lost our true Self, lost the connection with our Source, traveling in darkness with difficulties and sufferings; that is because the Love and the Light in us are clenched and blocked, and our eye is blinded by all physical attachments and endless desires. By reconnecting with our Source, recognizing our True Identity through daily practice, we can once again merge our body with our Inner Being, living a happy, healthy, loving and peaceful life.

Speaking different languages is a seemingly barrier for people on the planet to communicate, to understand each other, especially the Chinese writing that forms an invisible wall between the English speaking and the Chinese speaking worlds. However are we really communicating with our hearts, speaking our inner voices, talking about our true feelings?  No matter who you are, what culture background you were born with, you would feel high when you’re honored, and you would feel dismayed when you’re in disgrace; you would feel joyful when you love or be loved, and you would feel clenched in your heart when you hate; When you’re happy, you look peaceful and relaxed, and when you’re sad, your eyes look dull. … So do we really have more differences than similarities between us? Do we really not understand each other? Do we really need a lot of words to express those feelings, convey those messages? Words are just different sounds in different languages. They’re no longer so difficult as we thought to learn when we have learned to open our hearts and minds to receive, to accept and to send, to give. By reconnecting with our Source, recognizing our True Identity through daily practices, we would find it much easier to communicate with one another, to speak with a loving and peaceful mind.

Every one of us needs Love and Peace, the whole world needs Love and Peace! Let this be our prayer:

The Prayer, by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli

And let this not just be our prayer, but also actions…

– The World Needs Love and Peace


The Calling…

“In the days when you consumed what is dead, you made it what is alive. When you come to dwell in the Light, what will you do? On the day when you were one you became two. But when you become two, what will you do?”

The true change has come! This is the calling for each earth citizen – A calling for the change from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly; A calling for the change from a bird on desert into a golden phoenix from its own ashes!

If you feel the calls, if you are inspired by what we’re spreading, let yourself merge into it, pass on the flame, be part of it in your inspired way – be a bridge, a donna, a purchaser, a local event host, a tree planter, spread the good news, bring the Green Initiatives to your local communities, help getting more people of all fields and positions in the world involved in it! Together we can build a new Green Earth, explore the unprobed Inner World, to live an enlightened life.

To the World Main Media,

This is the kind of news and messages you would need focus on reporting and spreading, instead of chasing on how many people are shot, ‘gossiping’ on how many new babies the royal family is expected to have etc. if you too want to live an enlightened life, and if you too want to be the uplifting influencers

Update –

The world is changing,shifting in every aspect of human’s life towards the light with the old energy loosing its control. This is also witnessed in the media with a lot of progressive new channels and the traditional channels keeping up with the change; however we also noticed in the main media there is still full of biased reports, unchecked stories and analysis out of the old speculation. Watch out, all Media businesses, you need to drop the old chess board games when reporting the events happening in an unprecedented historic presence lest you will be thrown into fires!

A Reminder

“what goes into your mouth will not defile you, but that which issues from your mouth – it is that which will defile you.” – Jesus Christ


With Love and Peace!  God Bless All of US!

Helen Xinhui Zhu


New Earth New Life is to be born in your hands
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