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‘Water is life, it is more precious than anything else; without water there is no life to start and to survive’

Plants, forests are the natural creation – they function as the covers of the earth to retain water in its land, to protect the surface of the land from excessive exposure to the scorching sun, thus to support all lives living in it, on it and by it. However human’s ignorance has been organizing our activities to clear away most of the forests and vegetation covers of the land, therefore induced and keep inducing the acceleration of environment deterioration and severe climate change.

LWUM foundation, jointly working as the Green Flagship with the United Nations, put forward 13 holistic approach global initiatives with an earth vision to bring forth the Green Earth Life which are presented in the newly published book ‘Stop Stop Stop Undust the Common Sense of Timeless Wisdom – transformational initiatives’

We call upon all citizens on earth, from governments to institutions, organizations to individuals for immediate actions in participating in this NO LAND LEFT DRY GLOBAL VEGETATION MOVEMENT

Aiming at

– Stopping the deforestation of original rain forests
– Restoring global forest coverage to 50% by 2035 (to at least 30% coverage for each country)
– Restoring other ground vegetation coverage including wetlands, pastures, bushes in less populated land, and grasses between and within human dwellings.

The ultimate goal of restoration of forest worldwide is to provide the base supply for reintroducing various species including large herds of herbivores wild and feral alike to release human species from toiling on the ground to live a life of ease and harmony with the earth environment.

We encourage all national governments, local governments including city governments to set this global Green Vegetation restoration as one of your public policy priorities to set and reach your local and national targets and contribute to the global coverage target.

According to different sources, the current global forest coverage:

– 30% has been cleared transformation-greenland
– 20% has been degraded
– most of the rest has been segmented
– only 15% left intact

altogether the global forest coverage is reduced to 31% now from 46% before industrial revolution. In some countries and areas the coverage becomes near zero percent, which is unacceptable!

Do you have to need science to tell you that forests, trees can bring down temperatures and absorb CO2 and cleanse the air when you drive between modern cities with limited or no green vegetation growing and the vast greenland of countryside to immediately feel the several degree differences in temperature? Do you have to wait till everyone else has done something then you will take actions?

Lets stop these self-fooling, endless mind games, start to use our Common Sense which is bestowed to us from our God Nature!

If anyone cannot sense the Common Sense then you’d better ask yourself, and put a large ?in your heart, where is my God Nature, where is my Common Sense?

With the conscious awareness of billion’s souls awakened, it is the will of the world to reverse the current trend of devastation and restore forest and other vegetation coverage to our Mother Earth that has been nurturing and sustaining all living beings on it. It is the time for actions now!


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