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The group of billionaires on earth: are you going to be the abandoned ones or are you reaching a point to hit something unknown? And the way how you proceed to dig may lead you to an amazing golden orb or it may trap you to a disastrous minefield

What is Billionaire Green Aid?

The Billionaire Green Aid is initiated by the Divine inspiration to X.H. New Wisdom and is funded by donations from people whose net income in USD equals or counts more than 1000 million and or 100 million dollars in the world and who may belong to the 1% population of the world top income brackets that holds more than 50% of the world material wealth; The Aid is used to fund the Life Trees program, a lifetime (family) education project, Sahara Transformation Project and other projects of the 13 Great Green Initiatives

Why is Billionaire Green Aid Needed?

The wheel is turning – since the birth of the first world USD billionaire in 1916, the single-minded concept of billionaire of material wealth has no doubt inspired and encouraged the stewardship and entrepreneurship in some individual’s life and collective human societies in developing the physical material world. It has been a major indicator accepted and adopted by and large in the world for personal and social progress and success mainly focused on economical aspect of life; however as we all witness but some may not recognize yet that its result is like a two edge sword – it also brings a devastation of the environment and degradation of human’s life powered by money, and blind-guided by the mind without Spirit issuing the direction.

Transparent_Purple_Deco_Butterfly_PNG_ArtWith the human’s consciousness evolving the world is now awakening. The full well being of an individual and human society is a balanced life between attending the flesh material body/entity and the Spiritual Inner Being which requires more investment into the exploration and development of the high frequency energy world – where all beings are connected and dwelling in through Spirit. The track of the fate of Forbes magazine in recent years may have given you a strong clue where the main money investment should go while money at the moment is still an important tool though not the only tool to organize social economical activities before it eventually vanquishes from human’s life. In one sentence, everything in this universe including particularly human activities need to follow the same Natural Law, the four principles of the Heavenly Law revealed to X.H. New Wisdom
Transform – partially by Yopriceville

“Blessed is the lion which becomes man when consumed by man; and cursed is the man whom the lion consumes, and the lion becomes man.” – Jesus

The discovery of burning function of saltpeter, sulfur and charcoal and the invention of gunpowder for killing; the atomic and nuclear energy and the produce of their respective bombs; the discovery of New World and the appearance of colonies have never had a direct line between them, but an option lied in front of the human’s mind – history proved that Human’s own flesh-bounded mind always takes us off track over doing and creates misery for ourselves because we habitually have been using too much of the mind but sabotaging our Soul that has the navigating function to always tell us where to go and where to stop? Now we are facing a similar but fatal choice –

“The heavens and the earth will be rolled up in your presence. And one who lives from the Living One will not see death.” – Jesus

And every billionaires may know the Domino Effect. It all starts from our Mother Earth where humanity dwells and unconsciously made a mess of it. When we say The Wheel Is turing – it also implies that humanity is embracing an unprecedented uplifting energy which inspires people to completely abandon the old mindset which states success makes a king, failure leads to a traitor but Unite As One, hand in hand to embark this ascension journey of transformation to a Field of Higher Frequency. And the wealth definition under human’s expanded consciousness capsules a much richer meaning which would enlist as an equally important weight how much spiritual elements you develop in yourself and how much contribution you make to the entire earth environment within which all living beings are sustained as one Earth community. And a new system of indicators for personal wealth and social progress is under its way.

“The man old in days will not hesitate to ask a small child seven days old about the place of life, and he will live. For many who are first will become last, and they will become one and the same.”

There had been no other fields to invest your spare money in the last 200 years except in heavy hands_PNG923polluted industries which contribute to the destroying our own living environment and our own body and the stock market which is the main factor of producing bubble empty paper values in human’s life and causing separation and divisiveness of the human species, pushing human’s life off the ground. To change this self-killing course, to charter a new economic development direction towards the originally created Green Field and to help the billionaire group achieve your personal greatness, we have created this Billionaire Aid program and we welcome all the 1% top material wealth winners to be part of this mass earth transformation and human ascension journey!

This is the time for your Soul to stand up and learn to say NO to your troubled mind and lusty body, retreat from the heavy Mass Path of doing and reconnect and embark the Rest Energy path of being. If Noah had not listened but refused to take actions even though God had given him the instructions to build the Noah ark (Boat of Rest) and take all animals in pairs (Yin Yang preservation), then he would not have been able to survive the flood, and this time the flood will not just last 40 days but untill it covers the entire Heaven and Earth.

Who can say the money you earned are all from your own efforts, and you succeed anyway if without the systems to assist you, without the masses to be part of the systems, and without the Providence executing Its Will? Now the Wheel Is Turning!

Where do you want to put your assets? in the old heavy fields of contributing environmental devastation which are now rapidly moving away from the world, in space mining which will further exploits the earth’s already depleted natural resources or in the green initiatives that will rebuild the green infrastructures in the earth ecosystem to bring back the self-sustained life styles, and in the end all living beings in this ecosystem will live a life of ease, peace and happiness.

And we believe no sentient human beings want to be part of a heavy dark energy that grips the heel of humanity in this ascension journey. So loosen the grip of your mind, you will find wings to start growing in your body; trust the Divine’s omniscience for the highest goodness of His creation; and quietly follow His guidance!

How Does It Work and How To Contribute to Billionaire Green Aid?

The Aid is managed as an independent fund dedicated to the Green Earth Initiatives overseen by UNEP. There are 3 ways you can donate:

– Directly donate on LWUM website, and send a written message to let us know if you want your aid focus on any specific project, if you want your name to be publicized on our website

– Send a check payable to Billionaire Green Aid with a letter to address the above same issues to the following address

– Send us a letter to let us know your initiation about a prospective participation in this green aid

Email: BGaid at learnwithuniversalmind.com

LWUM mailing address:

P.O Box 92693
Washington DC

The conscious mind tells us:

Space mining? No! Space exploring? Yes! Space Colony? Definitely No!

The Creator has given us nothing in this physical world as our property but our body…

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