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And they will ask him what orders he has for them, and he will command them to worship idols, and they will have an abundance of wealth. Finally, the trumpet will be blown. Then Allah (swt) will send rain like dew, and bodies of people will grow from it, then the trumpet will be blown again and they will stand up … – Muhammad, the Last Prophet

Water Is the Origin of Life, Without Water No Life Can Grow and Survive. But
Dry wood makes a quick fire, it is inclined to catch fire

The Current Reality in Sahara Area

According to data source from United Nations and World Bank
– Sahara desert average temperature 104°F (40°C), annual precipitation from 10mm (31% of total Sahara) to zero
– the vegetation/forest coverage in most Sahara countries is shockingly low, to near zero percent
Below is the table to show the forest coverage data in most Sahara and Arabic countries


– Sahara used to harness several megalakes from north west to south of Sahara. Some 5000-6000 years ago Mega Lake Chad was covering an area up to 1 million km2 (390km2) and between 1963-1998 it was still 95% larger than its current size

Why the Sahara Transformation is a Crucial Key Project in Bringing Forth the Green Earth life

The current climate change, environment degradation, violence and wars in human society are all reflections of the discord of humanity – the distortion of the human’s body from its core Spirit which prevents our body from aligning with the Spirit, therefore causes damages both to our own body and our environment. The Green Earth life can reemerge only if we follow a holistic new approach with an earth vision to tap into the root and apply nature’s rules in our actions thus build new infrastructures which have the ability and capacity to generate a new stream of green life.

This Sahara transformation initiative came from Divine inspiration and bears the following elements to ensure the reemergence of the longed green ecosystem in the great Sahara careforlife
area which  contributes significantly to the earth environment, and as well as to  bring a diverse parties of humanity working together to embody the ideal of Green Thinking, Green Doing and Green Governing aspired by New Earth Citizens (for detailed initiative and its benefits please refer to the Book “Stop Stop Stop Undust the Common Sense of Timeless Wisdom – Transformational Initiatives to the Green Earth Life”):

– It is an unprecedented large scale of human operation which requires the cooperation and coordination between multiple parties from international, national governments, institutions, organizations, companies and individuals
– It will restore the natural life generating ecosystem cohesive to the nature of Africa in the world largest tropical desert
– It restores and encourages the application of nature’s simple rule in human’s social economical activity, which has been abandoned along the course of human development, and embarks the course to liberate humanity from its toilsome of busy doing misguided by the mind
– It will help reduce drastically the global temperature and social unease as well as bring other multiple benefits towards the Green Earth Life
– The funding sources from zero interest loans from governments and donations, Green aids, volunteers of other sources in this Initiative will set an example for non-profit driven operation which is one of the main elements in the Green Earth Life. Profit-driven operations are blood sucking and life killing forces we must abandon if we truly want to avoid self-destruction and head back to the Green Pastures where the Creator put us

The Sahara Desert Transformation Initiative and Its Simple Concept

the Earth is a natural desalination device. The ocean, the land and Earth desalination
the atmosphere are the three fundamental treasure creations by the Creator to help the life sustain on this beautiful planet in this solar environment. All the drinking water the lives on earth consume are sourced from the water evaporation of the ocean absorbing the heat from the sun rays shining upon and penetrating the earth atmosphere, forming rainfalls. When these three fundamental creations have tears and cracks on them you know the device is broken, the process for producing the drinking water is sabotaged.

In theory, no where on earth should be lacking of rainfall to produce natural drinking water, only the volume is different according to geoconditions.

Just think, on one side on the lands many places are dried out, no water or limited access to water source for lives; on the other hand, the ocean level is rising, swallowing islands and lands.Therefore it is a common sense and an obvious thing to do to move some waters from the ocean to the lands and let the water spread evenly and evaporate evenly all over the earth, with the help of some basic technology humans have already mastered from much early times and some new inventions we can do it with more efficiency and avoid overdoing, avoid being out of touch the ground.

Simple Concept of Sahara Initiative

The concept is to tap into and break the unnatural pattern of the weather in Sahara, through projects utilizing the local resources available in rich to induce natural rainfalls back to the land, return Sahara to its natural state for a diverse life and green economy.

The is also the quickest, easiest and natural way to tackle the climate change and water shortage, yet is the most likely ignored and unusual approach for our human’s mind, because it doesn’t need very complicated technology (if not careful enough technology drags us away from the natural field, that’s what has been happening to us) but an unusual scale of cooperation and coordination between we humans – people from different parts of the world and walks of life. It requires our determination, courage and trust.

The Project Involves the Following Phases

Phase I – creating 3 megalakes by moving the sand and ground earth to form natural mountain ridges for rainfall induction and diverting sea water into the lakes to form natural evaporation; meanwhile introduce marine lives to the lakes to produce natural seafood for humans

Phase II – large scale vegetation plantation period to plant palm trees, bushes, gardens, forests etc. to help maintain rainfalls and bring down temperatures locally and globally, and improve and restore the earth structure in Sahara

Phase III – introducing back large scale of wild herbivores such as the deer family, elk, zebra, wildebeests etc. and to boost wildlife to thrive in this region; seasonal hunting these herbivores for human food, to be managed.

This initiative will be a large comprehensive project that sets an example for a true green sustainable development model minimizing any possible pollution. This project involves subprojects following a holistic approach that requires multi-partners including governments, designing, research, wildlife conservation, management and labor etc. And the project itself would bring a multitude benefits for local communities and the whole earth community in the fields of climate management, natural resource utilization, jobs for local labors, releasing human’s burden, human’s food supply, green jobs for international source, new construction materials etc.

The Timing

We’re at a crucial, vital point of earth transition – the Creator does not give us too much time to waste, allowing us envision it now and decades later someone else starts only the preliminary work, and again decades later debate on it, in the end nearly 100 years later it would be implemented. We simply don’t have that luxury. This project needs to start right now with our own hands. Can we finish it in 20 years time from now on for the full three phases? We say why not?! We have all the necessary experts and similar experiences in geographic and hydraulic engineering and water conservation projects from different countries, and the most important we have now billions awakened souls who have sensed the urgency of our earth environment and human’s position in it and determined to change it to the betterment of the whole on earth!

We’ll be closely working with United Nations soon to reach out to national governments and other potential partners for funding and participation and assembling a group to start the preliminary work soon to push this initiation forward!

(please note: the picture animations shown at the top are only an indication of the project idea, the actual appearance and size of the project will be calculated based on research and a lot of detail conditions)  111111


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