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New Earth New Life Initiatives is not a movement, but a state of mind. Throughout history human society has too many movements that thrive to turn over their predecessors but lack of repose to keep people in balance in the whole picture.  The New Earth New Life Walking Meditation network is set to engage people in the new understanding about their body and help  building a new body with a fully aligned mind and soul living in balance, and transform the body from ‘Jacob’ to ‘Israel’!

To join this network as an event host, you
– can be an individual or an organization
– totally merge in and spread the teachings
– have a prospective location (natural and simple settings) to host indoor and residential based events
– organize events according to the set guidelines.
– And you can choose either provide your services on donation bases or charge a basic fee for your work on the principle of ‘working for need not for profit’, it is entirely on your own will

If you think you’re in alignment with what we are doing and meet the basic requirements, and wish to be a local event host, then submit your application below. The result will be in God’s hands.

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