Why do I need to learn with “LWUM” – Learn With Universal Mind, the community for universal goodness?

We know each individual human being was born a spirit being at our origin, on the course of development we lost the essence of our being, the soul connection with the Universal Sacred Source – different people may name it differently – God, Supreme Spirit, Super Soul or Universal (Conscious) Mind which bind all us together with the universal love and consciousness, intelligence that permeates everywhere and in everything, it operates in the Laws of Heaven and Earth without any prejudice and judgement playing equally to any created beings in existence, therefore it holds the best outcomes for everyone.

When we set out to learn with universal mind, we vision the whole creation and all created beings are in one loving community, and we mean we would learn to drop all human standard rules and mind-binding limitations to free us from conditions that have taught us to fight, to compete, to toil to slave each other.

At LWUM, according to the revelations to our Spirit Guide, X.H. New Wisdom, We have had 5 cardinal incarnations from God, the Supreme Spirit in human history who have brought us the Divine Messages, Knowledge to be bridges between our flesh beings and the Supreme Spirit, and their teachings are the ever green trees in paradise that bring fresh life to us dead flesh and make us alive again. By following the teachings of the 5 cardinal God incarnations, at LWUM we set our aim high, to help transform as many as we can individual beings to its highest viberational state and return to the Eternal Green Pasture. And we know everyone can reach that pasture as long as you make the will, and set your motion on because you were born to be a vibrational Spirit Being as long as you allow this happen, use less your own mind, but more in tune with the Universal Conscious Mind, let the principles of Heavenly Law guide your behaviors and your daily activities with ease. And you will first find yourself become a radiant light, you will feel your whole surroundings filled with love and peace and beauty, and the whole community full of goodness will – and this is Universal Love experienced with Universal Mind.

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