It’s time to apply the Creation Principles to internet search Algorithm

It’s time to free our minds, apply the Creation Principles to internet search Algorithm – let more people/their contents meet each other, a diversified source to meet people’s needs

It’s long been a practice since the existence of the internet that who will appear in first pages or show up at top of a page on keyword searching is subject to the Algorithm rules, and it leads to the complaints about searching result manipulation – which contributes to the market dominance of limited numbers of players in a market, which further contributes to social inequality.

The current Google algorithm for website ranking, i.e. the showing up in keyword searching, which is mainly based on the numbers of links from outer websites is artificial and superficial that does not value the Real content and quality of a website, and it is also the main reason and force that lead to the blind business rush of search engine optimization which I believe a waste of natural resources including human resources, and meanwhile it contributes to the oppression of the original source of information flow from the masses in favour of a few dominated players in a market fortified by money/financial strength and political preferences, which all belong to human’s mind illusional grip.

And this is against the creation principles of abundance of life forms, and freedom and equality, which in the market place can be interpreted as the free flow of natural resources availble. We can forgive the old market practices in the past when human consciousness had not yet reached to perceive the 4 universal creation principles, but now it’s time for every player in human society to start applying the creation principles in our daily life and ‘business’ practices so that we can move towards the long waited harmonious, peaceful society where every or more human beings truly embrace the equal opportunites to express, exchange, interact with other members of the society in a natural way, without the interruption from man-made obstacles.

In reality, the manifestation of many things requires some sort of ‘manipulation’ for a new formation to shape, only the principles we follow will be the key factors to decide the outcomes. Here comes the timing and application of the creation principles.

The development of IT today in the world has already come to a stage and point that we have already grasped the skills and knowledge to allow us free our mind and unlease our creativity to bring about GREEN models of harmonious social relationships vested by multi search modules which support and facilitate a sustainable economic development.

I remembered in our school days when we were kids, it was a common practice we had schedules for each group of pupils in turn to attend daily duty for cleaning/tidying our classrooms after class, changing weekly.

I would say this is a good practice we can use in today’s search engine algorithm, which considers the following points for manipulation: 1) content relative 2) give all sources equal chances to appear at top, on first pages at search, role over in turn daily 3) Title relative (I found current reality allows Empty Title taking over the Real content Title – there are always those opportunists in the markets who try to steal other people’s title, logo name, to chase and speculate a free ride)

Under the principle of true free flow of information, search engines only need to match the most relative contents and present them to the searchers, but not help holding anything’s positions in ranking which should be the task of the subject owners to keep up with the quality of their service and information which would be naturally dissaminated by word of mouth, herein after an authentic, genuine quality content of service will be emerging out of the insanity of current unbalanced market, which can only suffocate creativity of the human society

Don’t you think its odd and frustrating the top links appear is all about Trump’s link to Russia, Russia’s interference in US 2016 election while it should really be about Russia’s performance in current world affairs and or domesticated information originated from within Russia when you keyword searching ‘Russia’? And beware when we complain about other countries having media control we may first examine ourselves, do we truly have a new mind set free flow? How can we set an example as a ‘free world’? and those countries in long history have not embraced the Spirit of Freedom for media and market, this is the time for you to be brave enough to embark this new journey, which is sure to open your eyes for a new exciting world!

Sailing Well!


Helen Xinhui Zhu is a visionary, teacher, facilitator of soul awakening and Green Earth Life Initiatives. She provides consultation for Green Earth Life Initiatives for policy makers, and she initiated and is organizing the New Earth New Life Walking Meditation Network. For more details, please visit our website

Books involved written: 2 in 1 in 2 The Supreme Revelation (Part I and Part II); Stop Stop Stop undust the common sense of timeless wisdom – transformational initiatives to the Green Earth Life. visit the store page for more details about the books.

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