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A New Green Earth can only be brought forth by New Earth Citizens. A New Earth Citizen is a Full Being who always lets the four principles of God creation guide its activities

Full Being = Spiritual Wellbeing + Physical Wellbeing

We are eternal spiritual beings dwelling temporarily in our physical bodies. A full being is a life lived in the balance between attending our Spirit and physical health. The True life is like a tree first seeded in the ground – our flesh body, it needs much care to grow into the stage of a sprout, a young tree, an adult mature tree, and finally into a large tree of canopy with rich foliage and fruits that can provide shelter and fruits for other lives. When this True Life is weak or dies in our flesh body, diseases develop in it, it can only suck energy from other bodies after drying up its own; when individual human being is not healthy, the collective human being cannot be healthy, then our environment takes a down spiral. The dying trees and uprooted trees on earth are only one of the symptoms of our dying Inner Being, the True Life. And now billions are awakening with the Divine energy pulling from above, and we are being called to respond to this uplifting pull to do our part in restoring our Inner Being and restoring the Nature. Let the Life Trees grow within our body and outside on the earth, let them nurture each other to grow into a large canopy.

What is Life Trees Program
Every existence in the universe follows the same rule of Yin Yang elements (energy) working in One Unity, and this One Unity is the Ultimate Spirit to hold the two elements together in harmony, passing through unlimited dimensions to form this intricate unlimited universe. This is the Eternal Dance (please refer to the book “2 in 1 in 2 The Supreme Revelation, Part I and II”). Likewise, in the dimension of our individual human beings, the Yin Yang energies and the Individual Soul are the three undivided, inseparable core elements of the trinity intertwined to form a sophisticated and rich Inner world of the individual human being, symbolized as the Tree of Life

Our human bodies are easily dominated or occupied by busy doing treeoflife
man-made things, trapped in man-made systems which are distractions for the human being’s energy focusing onto the Inner Being that is responsible for nurturing the Life Trees to grow; as Divine inspirations, the Life Trees programs are the natural flows from the Green Eternal Garden, are manifested to engage our human bodies in the connection to the green field and to each other, and they also serve as a constant reminder that we are not just the flesh body, but more of the Spirit Inner Being that has the power of self-healing, self-nurturing, and be able to nourish each other in the naturally God-created environment

The Concept

When we choose and plant 3 trees (Yin Yang and the Spirit) and deliberate linking them to our Inner Being, by taking care of them and watching them grow, the thought energy would take effect, and our Inner Being and the Trees on Earth would influence each other, raising the energy vibrations in each of us; and by participating in the programs with family members, with other people in communities, the broken relationships, coordination ability between the human species would be repaired and revitalized into a full presence and operation, by then the Green Earth would surly emerge into a full existence

Specific details and benefits of the programs are written in the Book “Stop Stop Stop Undust the Common Sense of Timeless Wisdom – Transformational Initiatives to the Green Earth”. This is the time for doing guided by being, we do not have time to waste more just on dreaming, praying, debating or blindly doing driven by our body’s desires. These are the two core programs, based on them there can be more variant programs:

1. Life Trees New Born Family program
2. 7.3 billion earth citizen Life Trees program

Ways to organize and to Participate

– by individual families
– by schools
– by local communities
– by NGO’s organized events
– by local government institutions


– government funding
– private donations
– individual donations and volunteering

Please contact your local communities, schools, governments for details of the programs. If they haven’t had these or similar programs, you can be the one to bring the programs to them and help make it happen. You are the force awaken!

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