True Communication (1) – the union of the souls

Communication issues prevail everywhere from personal daily life, through workplaces, to the handling of relationships between countries. Many experts attribute dozens of factors to communication issues, but most of them are just extended ones which derive from the 3 root causes – assumption, judgment and fear, which are the results of different culture backgrounds, life experiences and the feeling of unknown about the matter concerned.

However “No matter who you are, what culture background you were born with, you would feel high when you’re honored, and you would feel dismayed when you’re in disgrace; you would feel joyful when you love or be loved, and you would feel clenched in your heart when you hate; When you’re happy, you look peaceful and relaxed, and when you’re sad, your eyes look dull. … So do we really have more differences than similarities between us? Do we really not understand each other? Do we really need a lot of words to express those feelings, convey those messages? Words are just different sounds in different languages. They’re no longer so difficult as we thought to learn when we have learned to open our hearts and minds to receive, to accept and to send, to give.” (excerpts from About

Photo by Doni Amoris

Photo by Doni Amoris

Because communication process involves message sending, receiving and  decoding/interpretation,  and a smooth, continuing  communication is the repetitive cycle of this process without breakdowns. To avoid misinterpretation and ensure the process smooth,  it requires the parties engaged to be free from  Assumptions, free from Judgment, and free from fears.  

The majority of people would believe they were born of a particular culture, and grown up with certain experiences and received different education, which make them who they’re and those things make permanent prints on them. But Today I would tell you – you’re not who you think you’re, you’re not your name, you’re not your culture, because those things can change, be changed, and always change.  You’re spiritual beings, this Spirit was there before you were born, and within you when/after you were born, and will still be there after your flesh body is gone. It’s birthless and endless.  And the Spirit within you connects with the Spirit within other people, and this Spirit is part of the Universal Spirit, is limitless, has no boundary. It dwells in everybody’s soul in your heart. If you shift your attention to your inner world, you would start to feel it,  to hear it and to be able to follow its guidance.

When each of us have learned to feel and listen to our inner voice, it would be so much easier to communicate, our hearts would be filled with  joys.  The world would have much less conflicts. We’re after all connected through our Spirit!   Therefore  true communication is the Union of the Souls, it involves the connection of the hearts. When we reach that state all our daily issues, conflicts would be diminish, and disappear. The good news is it’s not that difficult to reach that state as you may assume due to the limit of our awareness in the past.


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Love and Peace


Posted by Helen Zhu

The Two Fundamental Laws of Nature – the guidance to our life on earth

We are biological beings who use our 5 normal senses to explore the visible and physical world, but we are more of spiritual beings that come and evolve from the invisible, infinite, eternal, creative Essence, Source, Supreme Intelligence, God or Universal Mind, which is in us and surrounds us. The spiritual world is a multi-dimensional or even an unlimited dimensional world that relates to human consciousness.

The physical and the spiritual worlds are interwoven together and held by the same unspeakable Supreme Intelligence – the Universal Mind. The Universal Mind is pure existence and consciousness that forever evolves… which means we’re living in a physical world as well as in a spiritual world.

“I am the source of all spiritual and material worlds. Everything emanates from Me” – from Bhgavad Gita
The Law of Evolution is the No1# fundamental Law that permeates and governs the whole spiritual and the physical worlds, the universe. There are also other laws governing different dimensions of the worlds but they all fit in and comply with the fundamental laws. In the physical world, from a star in the galaxies to a human body on the earth, the birth, the growth, the end and the rebirth – the full cycle/circle is driven by this life force – the law of evolution. In the spiritual world, the expansion of human consciousness – our understanding about our ourselves, about the universe and the relations between them constantly evolves – from totem worship to Gods’ worship, to today’s awareness of Oneness, is an undeniable truth that bears this universal law in every step of progression.
Evolution simply means forever advancement, forwarding and expansion, always moves and it never stops. This is the fundamental life force born with us human beings. Our desires for progress, for better, for more life is driven by the Law of Evolution, anyone who does not recognize this, who wants to suppress the natural desires in him would feel unhappy, however if we acknowledge it and flow with it but have learned to be detached from the fruition results, we would find a path to happiness.

The Law of Relativity is no2# under the law of evolution. It is the ultimate law besides the law of evolution that governs the physical world. It denotes that everything is relative, nothing is absolute from the space and time we occupy to a statement we make or an opinion we hold.
In other words, everything can always be comparative to another one. Our mind, our thoughts which are the manifestation of our consciousness can be different from those of others based on the so called same location and situation from our own prospective, that’s because of the different stage of consciousness each individual coming up with. Understanding this, it would help us cultivate the quality of non-judgment, forgiveness and compassion, the opposites of those quality are negative energy, and when we ourselves release those negative energy from inside, we would free ourselves to experience ease and happiness.

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Posted by Helen Zhu

Heal the World 为世界疗伤 – MJ

I had to add this to the beginning of this post. I was drafting this post yesterday, and then last night I dreamed of Michael Jackson – He was visiting us (me, my sister, a friend of mine) in my place just like a friend of mine. I was explaining to him the symbols in a sentence written on my window and we conversed in bilingual (English and Chinese), and I could hear his quiet and gentle voice very clearly…

Heal The World was the first Michael Jackson’s song I heard back in China – and I immediately fell in love with it. It was written by MJ himself featuring children suffering in Africa during wars. Michael has such a beautiful soul, through his words we could see his faith and love in humanity:

There’s A Place In Your Heart
And I Know That It Is Love
And This Place Could Be Much Brighter Than Tomorrow
And If You Really Try
You’ll Find There’s No Need To Cry
In This Place You’ll Feel There’s No Hurt Or Sorrow


Then It Feels That Always
Love’s Enough For Us Growing
So Make A Better World, Make A Better World…
And The Dream We Were Conceived In
Will Reveal A Joyful Face
And The World We Once Believed In
Will Shine Again In Grace
Then Why Do We Keep Strangling Life
Wound This Earth, Crucify Its Soul
Though It’s Plain To See
This World Is Heavenly
Be God’s Glow
We Could Fly So High, Let Our Spirits Never Die
In My Heart I Feel You Are All My Brothers
Create A World With No Fear
Together We’ll Cry Happy Tears
See The Nations Turn Their Swords Into Plowshares
We Could Really Get There
If You Cared Enough For The Living
Make A Little Space To Make A Better Place…
Michael had a so called “abusive” childhood in the worldly eyes, but probably it was this unique experience that made him grown up into a unique being, unique soul with such love and care about other beings. He is a great soul, and he inspired a whole generation of people and continues inspiring us with his great music left for us and his messages through his words and deeds while he was on earth.
Then why do we have to wait till someone so precious leave us to recognize their value? Why can’t we be a bit less cynical, a bit more loving, and caring? Look around, feel with your heart, you’ll see many beautiful souls surround you. So Let us care and love without fear, let your heart glowing with bliss, and let this world shine in Grace!
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Love and Peace!
Posted by Helen Zhu

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