Learn to Play Beyond Polarization (1) – Globalization vs Isolation (a)?

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First of all we want to ensure everybody that the whole earth is in the process of energy shift and humanity is on the journey of ascension to a much expanded energy field where harmonious relationships between all created beings are the dominant forces – the chaos, the shocks and shakeups at an unprecedented intensity and scales are unfolding, all are necessary for further awakening, for deep reveling and for proper adjustments.

In the series of recent shocks generated worldwide on the ‘political’ stage, and sentiments towards some international trades and globalization and concentrated establishment government powers, it is a mourning cry for a 90 degree shift from the course forged by the last 3-4 decades of fast paced globalization and digital development.
Globalization when checked in reality, on one hand it brings people closer physically by enabling immediate ‘communication’, traveling faster, raises the material standard of life for many people worldwide, however many aspects of this movement have been badly neglected therefore caused inbalance and hollow in the life of individuals, nations and between nations and regional internation groups:

Social Inequality Widened
The main elements of globalization are represented by corporate manufacturers building factories in oversea low labor cost markets; vast volume increased international merchandise trades; international business mergers, acquisitions; global social media networks, and the most eye-catching international metropolitan style high rises being erected worldwide, etc.

Although it may have enriched the content or forms of people’s life, globalization is mainly about material wealth building up for businesses and it is entirely driven by profits for business investments and expansion, the gained profit benefits from lower cost have not proportionally been transferred to consumers back to their original markets due to the lack of Government Macro policy adjustment, as we are all aware that corporate companies and their handlers have pocketed huge profits for their own while neglected public road and facility building by government due to lack of proper taxation on corporate companies. Considering the car sales price in the last 30 years in US market during the globalization, we didn’t see its price reduction but increase in its average sales. Here is a list of data from reliable sources compiled through Vehicle Technology Program, the US Department of Energy. We see the average new car sales price are almost same about $25,500(after inflation adjustment) in 1984 and 2013; and according to USA Today, in 2015 new car average sales price was $33,560, a big increase:


When many sectors in today’s globalized economy operate in this reality under total free-market scheme, there is no escape for the widening of income inequality, and when all the bars of social activity are raised, no wonder many in the low end of the income have been deprived of living a decent life, therefore social justice goes to the air.
Culture Identity loss

In 2012 I went back to Beijing for a family visit, during the stay I went to one of Beijing’s old shopping areas which I thought would be familiar to me in considering buying a pair of boots more economically. But shockingly I couldn’t find the place where I was thinking to go because most of them had been renovated to modern looking buildings and so just went in one of them, when I got in I was totally lost, feeling I was entering a shopping mall in New York, full of international brands labeled in English, rolling escalators between floors. The leather boots on shelf in all the vendors were priced between 2000-3000 Chinese yuan (US$300-450), even higher. Gosh, its so expensive if you compare the Per Capita GDP in China (about $6000 in 2012, $8000 in 2015). I once even got lost on that street, didn’t know which direction to go for heading home. That shopping visit was not a very pleasant experience for me in terms of finding back my memories and some culture familiarity of my hometown.


When clothing fashion trends sweep on the international T-stages, other personal consumption goods flood in big cities, young people crowd into the chase of ‘stars’ and the strikingly face-assimilated high rises have replaced national monumental architectures in international metropolises, people from without already lost their personal and national characteristics. Through our observation perhaps only the music sector still demonstrates a strong resilience as we witness the more ethnic and folk elements integrated in the pop music, the longer and the more welcome the work stays in the hearts of people. To some people globalization has brought a local culture and identity crush to them alongside material life enrichment.
Spiritual Sabotage

We believe globalization was an unavoidable historical trend in the process of human development, however until this human ascension journey we’re experiencing now due to the limit of human’s knowledge about ourselves and the universal laws the globalization force only emphasizes material enrichment of people’s life by promoting and propaganda on excessive material possession and accumulation, and on single-minded GDP-driven analysis for economic expansion of human societies, which is against the universal law of balance by sabotaging the spiritual side of human beings and the society for development. When social activities are organized in such ways that majority people in the society can only busy their time for material gains no matter just for daily necessities or for wealth accumulation, and their mind can only focus on how to surpass others by shooting or beating them, then the flesh ego blowing up, selfishness and separation are the definite outcomes, which have taken up most of, even all the energies in the human’s body, then all the relationships with other members of the society, with other living beings on the planet are distorted, the individual soul of human beings, our very soul of the human society have got lost. When comes to the international relationships, interest conflicts, trade wars, even military conflicts would be the left for grab which are also nursed by the false fear and egoism.

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Wish Everybody A Peaceful, Harmonious, Happy, Healthy and WONDERFUL 2017!


Helen Xinhui Zhu is a visionary, teacher, facilitator of soul awakening and Green Earth Life Initiatives. She provides consultation for Green Earth Life Initiatives for policy makers, and she initiated and is organizing the New Earth New Life Walking Meditation Network, hosting the New Earth New Life Golden Phoenix Forum. For more details, please visit our website www.learnwithuniversalmind.com

Books involved written: 2 in 1 in 2 The Supreme Revelation (Part I and Part II); Stop Stop Stop undust the common sense of timeless wisdom – transformational initiatives to the Green Earth Life. visit the store page for more details about the books.

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