The Two Fundamental Laws of Nature – the guidance to our life on earth

We are biological beings who use our 5 normal senses to explore the visible and physical world, but we are more of spiritual beings that come and evolve from the invisible, infinite, eternal, creative Essence, Source, Supreme Intelligence, God or Universal Mind, which is in us and surrounds us. The spiritual world is a multi-dimensional or even an unlimited dimensional world that relates to human consciousness.

The physical and the spiritual worlds are interwoven together and held by the same unspeakable Supreme Intelligence – the Universal Mind. The Universal Mind is pure existence and consciousness that forever evolves… which means we’re living in a physical world as well as in a spiritual world.

“I am the source of all spiritual and material worlds. Everything emanates from Me” – from Bhgavad Gita
The Law of Evolution is the No1# fundamental Law that permeates and governs the whole spiritual and the physical worlds, the universe. There are also other laws governing different dimensions of the worlds but they all fit in and comply with the fundamental laws. In the physical world, from a star in the galaxies to a human body on the earth, the birth, the growth, the end and the rebirth – the full cycle/circle is driven by this life force – the law of evolution. In the spiritual world, the expansion of human consciousness – our understanding about our ourselves, about the universe and the relations between them constantly evolves – from totem worship to Gods’ worship, to today’s awareness of Oneness, is an undeniable truth that bears this universal law in every step of progression.
Evolution simply means forever advancement, forwarding and expansion, always moves and it never stops. This is the fundamental life force born with us human beings. Our desires for progress, for better, for more life is driven by the Law of Evolution, anyone who does not recognize this, who wants to suppress the natural desires in him would feel unhappy, however if we acknowledge it and flow with it but have learned to be detached from the fruition results, we would find a path to happiness.

The Law of Relativity is no2# under the law of evolution. It is the ultimate law besides the law of evolution that governs the physical world. It denotes that everything is relative, nothing is absolute from the space and time we occupy to a statement we make or an opinion we hold.
In other words, everything can always be comparative to another one. Our mind, our thoughts which are the manifestation of our consciousness can be different from those of others based on the so called same location and situation from our own prospective, that’s because of the different stage of consciousness each individual coming up with. Understanding this, it would help us cultivate the quality of non-judgment, forgiveness and compassion, the opposites of those quality are negative energy, and when we ourselves release those negative energy from inside, we would free ourselves to experience ease and happiness.

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Posted by Helen Zhu

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