True Communication (1) – the union of the souls

Communication issues prevail everywhere from personal daily life, through workplaces, to the handling of relationships between countries. Many experts attribute dozens of factors to communication issues, but most of them are just extended ones which derive from the 3 root causes – assumption, judgment and fear, which are the results of different culture backgrounds, life experiences and the feeling of unknown about the matter concerned.

However “No matter who you are, what culture background you were born with, you would feel high when you’re honored, and you would feel dismayed when you’re in disgrace; you would feel joyful when you love or be loved, and you would feel clenched in your heart when you hate; When you’re happy, you look peaceful and relaxed, and when you’re sad, your eyes look dull. … So do we really have more differences than similarities between us? Do we really not understand each other? Do we really need a lot of words to express those feelings, convey those messages? Words are just different sounds in different languages. They’re no longer so difficult as we thought to learn when we have learned to open our hearts and minds to receive, to accept and to send, to give.” (excerpts from About

Photo by Doni Amoris

Photo by Doni Amoris

Because communication process involves message sending, receiving and  decoding/interpretation,  and a smooth, continuing  communication is the repetitive cycle of this process without breakdowns. To avoid misinterpretation and ensure the process smooth,  it requires the parties engaged to be free from  Assumptions, free from Judgment, and free from fears.  

The majority of people would believe they were born of a particular culture, and grown up with certain experiences and received different education, which make them who they’re and those things make permanent prints on them. But Today I would tell you – you’re not who you think you’re, you’re not your name, you’re not your culture, because those things can change, be changed, and always change.  You’re spiritual beings, this Spirit was there before you were born, and within you when/after you were born, and will still be there after your flesh body is gone. It’s birthless and endless.  And the Spirit within you connects with the Spirit within other people, and this Spirit is part of the Universal Spirit, is limitless, has no boundary. It dwells in everybody’s soul in your heart. If you shift your attention to your inner world, you would start to feel it,  to hear it and to be able to follow its guidance.

When each of us have learned to feel and listen to our inner voice, it would be so much easier to communicate, our hearts would be filled with  joys.  The world would have much less conflicts. We’re after all connected through our Spirit!   Therefore  true communication is the Union of the Souls, it involves the connection of the hearts. When we reach that state all our daily issues, conflicts would be diminish, and disappear. The good news is it’s not that difficult to reach that state as you may assume due to the limit of our awareness in the past.


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