Tao Te Jing Introduction

Words from X.H. New Wisdom:

While when we uploaded the texts of other scriptures, those from Tao Te Jing were omitted, therefore people asked why. Here I’d like to explain. As all ancient scriptures do not survive from the corruptions of human’s mind, TaoTejing is not an exception. My mother tongue is Mandarin Chinese and I’m a professional Mandarin teacher as well. Today TaoTeJing has countless Chinese versions available, according to some sources, the original one has no punctuation which makes it even harder to accurately interpret the original meaning of the master. While I was doing the studying and meditation on the scripture, with both English and Chinese. I was not satisfied with the translation of any of the existing English versions – many verses go far away from the original meaning, quite some are simply missing. I need to be responsible for the spreading of the truth, at least to my knowledge, so I decided not to put anything till I find a solution. And it seems that God does not subscribe me to do the translation work, I hope someone on the planet one day will take a Divine order to fulfill it.

However knowing that TaoTejing is so important in providing the guidance and principles for people in various governance positions, especially in a world of change which calls for rule by Law/Law of Nature, Law of Heaven instead by man’s will, I decided to select some important verses and did the translation, to upload on the site for people to explore and apply. So enjoy!


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