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Gather for a Common Purpose

No matter you view this world as part of an infinite net extending all directions where everything is connected to everything else or view it as part of a hierarchical structure formation like a train with its engine and carts, we probably all recognize through observation and experiences that there is the ripple effect, in both the energy world and the physical world, which starts from one point and extends out in perimeter directions.

When the mind surrenders to the Universal Conscious Mind, totally merge into it, then all conceptions, categories, segregation, forms, boundaries which served as a fortified shield in previous state start to fall, and all solutions and answers emerge and become possible when the attention is brought to its focus – X.H. New Wisdom

And this is being witnessed and experienced with so much new creativity and space discoveries by millions of people; with the Divine intervention and billions of people awaken, the whole social structures and the whole earth life collectively are propelled into a process of disintegration and transformation from a lower dense reality (the duality state of mind) to a higher dimension of Light (the Oneness connected state, enlightened state). However this process of progress towards light would not be a smooth one, it releases pains deposited through out from very ancient ancestors, it requires courage to face all issues coming out, it also honors patience to allow the process of unfolding and healing! Most Importantly no one on earth would escape the impact of this transformation. So each earth citizen is being called on Active participation with consciousness.

Why and What to Do

Green Thinking, Green Living, Green Governing

We are here to invite all sentient beings that are well connected to the One Infinite Conscious Mind, no matter with what you may label yourself – scientist, economist, environmentalist, government official, philanthropist, visionary, spiritual teacher, educator, religious leader etc. etc. to come together to openly talk about and discuss the most creative and nature-friendly solutions for human governing and human society development on the New Green Earth, and become leading voices for this collective ‘Phoenix Nirvana’ on the planet Earth

You may view yourself as first rain drops from heaven falling on the near dry-out rivers, or part of the engine of a long carrier train, but do not shy away from your role and your path that is unfolding in front of you, and this is your Divine prescribed duty and a new fun adventure

How and Where to Do
We have chosen and as the combined platform for this Golden Phoenix Forum, which we believe can deliver an avenue for an open, transparent and global reach online discussion and meetings as well as cost-effective and manageable facilities.The forum would work as a self-appointed advisory board and take the forms of online discussion, sharing, probing, exploring, proposing and finalizing consensus at specific space time in written about topics, issues, solutions related and not limited to all New Green Earth Life Initiatives in existence and in vision. And based on the consensus we would take actions to propose to our brothers and sisters who are in current governing roles in all fields and at all places on earth.

The Forums serves two purposes
– counsel advice for individuals who seek for governing positions in local communities, local governments, educational institutions etc.
– Self-appointed advisory board for government heads worldwide regarding issues in all areas of the human society and the earth environment

And members may also attend the seasonally and annually held gatherings in US, having face to face discussions and building up close relationships between members.

is the organizational form we would take for the Forum

Please visit Here for details to become a member of the forum, and the topics to discuss

universe web

Together the New Green Earth Life is to come forth in Manifestation in front of this generation of human species!

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