Walking Through the Shadow Valley (2) – from the heart-shape of a wasp sting to The Light

Yesterday when I went to view an old run-down property, I was stung by a wasp nesting under a window shade which i didn’t notice. It was a quite hurt. I had never have the experience of being stung by a bee or wasp or I may have forgot so didn’t know how serious it could be, and after going home I did some research on the internet and some of the info quite scary that suggested through allergy and bacteria infection it can cause very serious reaction even death to ‘unlucky’ people. I didn’t feel that much worry, but to prevent bacteria infection, I sprayed vinegar on the area with the sting spot which had a dime size swollen at that time. And then this morning when I got up and looked in the mirror it gave me a big surprise – a heart shaped reddish bruise appeared on my upper right arm where I was stung. I felt very uplifted and wished this bruise shape would forever stay on my arm as a permanent mark.

wasp sting-heart shape
Intuitively I know this is another message sent by the Divine and He wants me to pass it on to humanity – We are in the process of self-healing during which some of the deep wounds buried for thousands of years from our childhood (both humanity as one being and individuals) have to be brought up to the Light for us to re-examine in order to apply the appropriate prescriptions and some of which may come in unexpected and unwanted ways that would cause sharp pains and disorders.

While in looking around the world, recently there was another wave of intensified violence all around at all layers – from suicidal individual bombings, tragic truck slaughtering of large number of people, to conflicts and killings between police and civilians; from national government coup to continuous ISIS operation, and to large number of demonstrations with many ending in arrest. All of these violent incidents are pointing to one reality – the extreme dissatisfaction of people struggling in the out-of date social systems that are long time due for ‘renovation and improvement’ like those old rundown properties. These are the strong calls for those at governing positions from local to national and international communities to stop reacting to these incidents as in the past by resorting to force or just doing the usual condemning or praying but look deep inside humanity at all levels to acknowledge the following recognitions:

– we all have the God Consciousness deep inside us, it is each individual’s job to let this Original God consciousness with Light to speak out to guide instead of being dragged down by our dark flesh traits
– the necessity and urgency to update the ideological forging systems and social operational systems
– the requirement of cooperation and efforts of every member of the whole society by abandoning the rivalry mentality towards each other, embracing the wholeness and oneness sense

These two revelation books can help you recognize and reach to more Light:
2 in 1 in 2 The Supreme Revelation, Part I The Three Tier Messages, Part II The Decoding


We have to allow each other the shadow dark side to play out, and through the symptoms we see the root cause, and that’s a must-be in this healing process.

Deep wounds buried for thousands of years from hatred to divisiveness playing out in racial issues, religious issues, class struggle issues, ruling and being ruled issues (government and dissidents); all of these come out again in order to give a chance for healing

Recognize issues, then we look deep into the root cause – the ideology that makes one ‘evil’, glorifies the other and make them enemies, make them fight and kill, or make one slave of the other by amplifying the dark side and limitations of the human flesh, and the ‘evil’ seems always in other people, not in oneself. This is the trick.

Fortunately a large proportion of the world populations have recognized this trick, more and more people will follow including some of those at the national governing positions, meanwhile there are some politicians who are still playing this old trick in handling domestic as well as international issues. And the result of it can only harm those who play the old trick themselves and bring destruction to themselves because humanity healing is a natural process under a larger force of irrefutable natural healing of the Earth.

We are brothers and sisters, all have the human traits in this physical world bearing light and shadow in us. It is like an old property that can hide some dangerous stings causing pain, but if we forgive the surface pain, and willing to do the improvement work with our heart, we will see a new fresh renovated property for us to move in.

And in the order of the natural existence, or God’s eye, all elements working together to keep the whole in balance. Like the seesaw game, if the two person’s weight not more or less the same, you can only play the up and down game to see each other; but if the two’s weight are in balance, you can play a 360 degree fly game to have a panoramic view of your surroundings! This is the heart game which would shed light on the mind!


Helen Xinhui Zhu, co-author of ‘Stop Stop Stop undust the common sense of timeless wisdom -transformational initiatives for the green earth life’

is a visionary, teacher, facilitator of soul awakening and Green Earth Life Initiatives. She provides consultation for Green Earth Life Initiatives for policy makers, and she initiated and is organizing the New Earth New Life Walking Meditation Network, hosting the New Earth New Life Golden Phoenix Forum. For more details, please visit our website www.learnwithuniversalmind.com

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Statesmanship Is in Desperate Need in Today’s World

Immediately after the unexpected Brexit vote, anger from EU lead to their prompt demands for UK to trigger Article 50 and ‘leave’ as quick as possible. With all the after-shocks coming in succession, Britain was like a naughty child who was completely shocked by his mistake and asked mum for forgiveness, but the Mum ‘EU’ was so annoyed by her child’s ‘misbehavior’ and wanted to punish the child. And We could feel the tension there in the air. Even though it sounded a bit relief from an early remark made by German Chancellor Merkel ‘no need to be nasty on Brexit Talk’, her recent new remark seemed trying to issue an verdict ‘Brexit is irreversible and hopes for a U-turn are ‘wishful thinking’.

As usual, we see the limitations of human flesh being exposed to a full extent – bitterness invokes revenge, anger triggers blames, selfishness and narrow mindedness take advantage to make gains through exploiting fears and hatred, and fellow humans come to ‘throw stones down the well’ after an accidental fall of someone, and to make it worse some others in similar conditions fail in resisting the outside gravity pull therefore slipping down along the same path. etc. etc.

As humans, we all have emotions, limitations of the physical flesh, but at the first waves of wakening sea we also realize that we are empowered to walk beyond the flesh limitations and to abandon our habitual reactions to the emotions triggered by our mind speculations.

Brexit happened at the right moment of historic time of human development to serve as a thunderbolt that explosively exhibits the clashes between individualism and collectivism, and also to serve as an momentum for politicians to have a close-up review of current public governance and policies, it is an urgent call for those in governing positions to find the point on the equilibrium to make a balance in keeping the wholeness of individual entities, parts in a harmonious fit in the wholeness of a larger entity and the Human collective Oneness. To do it well, it requires most of politicians to grow up and to embrace the new statesmanship in governance.

by definition, statesmanship is the quality and capacity for a politician to exhibit great wisdom and ability in directing the affairs of a government or in dealing with important public issues.

This ‘great wisdom’ is contingent to the human’s collective consciousness of the Timeless Wisdom, the Absolute Truth, which is the Law of Nature expressed in the four Creation Principles (ref: 2 in 1 in 2 the Supreme Revelation Part II, the Decoding); to apply statesmanship in governance in today’s politics means an application of the Four creation principles (Abundance of life forms, unconditional love, freedom and equality) into public policy making to achieve a balance in the equilibrium of life on earth.

At this time of great awakening, history making, a large proportion of people in the wakening waves are well aware and become very uncomfortable of the old way of thinking, old way of politics and out of date social systems, and become a leading force to change all the odds, which lay extra challenges for today’s politicians to catch up with their approach in governance, and require them to transform from the usual politicians to statesmen (When we say ‘statesman’, we refer to all humans engaged in politics to distinguish from all other life forms).

Polls in Britain after the Brexit shows more than 70% people feel today’s government does not represent their interest, http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-uk-leaves-the-eu-36689608,
and there are similar polling opinions in America


Politicians are first human beings, as human beings they are allowed bearing flesh limitations, having emotions playing out, making mistakes, but to govern the awakened masses towards an enlightened human society, they are not entitled to dwell in their old status quo doing politics as usual out of emotional reactions, instead they are required to stand and being engaged within a larger sphere which capsules their immediate communities to recognize both sides of the hill, therefore institute policies that would benefit people who stand at both sides of the hill to facilitate the advancement of the whole sphere meanwhile being in the motion of progression of the collective humanity.

It sounds a very challenging and delicate task, isn’t it? After all human species are very complicated, sophisticated creatures with many facets, any coarse approach in a simple ruling like in the past of human history does not work any more, and any attempt in over-expression of either individuality or collectivism in public policies can only induce disharmony therefore cause conflicts and chaos in the society. The current upheaval all over the world is a strong calling for an overhaul of all the social systems which have been operating for hundreds even thousands of years. The Rule of Law is definitely not guided by the laws made by human’s mind out of emotional struggles, but the Heavenly Law which existed before even the human species came into being. And all the politicians currently on your various posts should not feel scared or hopeless, on the contrary you should feel thrilled and honored to be offered the opportunities for being part of and contributing to this massive movement of human consciousness evolution.
How can these values and beliefs be translated into daily policies and governance?

All the aftershocks just showed how unreliable the human’s mind can be if let alone to make decisions even if it means it may bring damages to its own – it seeks revenge, it seeks dominance and it seeks punishment. Most of all the mind creates illusions, separations, dramas and easily becomes deluded by its own creations, entrenched by its own created boxes. And all these simply tell that an enlightened human society has to be governed by enlightened beings who can be any of the current politicians but with their souls standing up and always let the Four creation principles guide their actions.

After all this is about the ascension journey of humanity from lower dense reality of the mind to higher light realm of spirituality which would in time activate all the qualities of goodness human beings had been bestowed at birth.
Therefore a practical approach –

A pause for self-awareness, self-evaluation, and trust in the Divine Nature of goodness for all is a must be, keeping a balance between selfishness and selflessness in decision making, then bravely take actions when you are ready! OR be honest to yourself, if you feel you are not in the position to fulfill this whole process to make you awakening, instead uncomfortably struggling, then take a long break to have yourself replenished – this does not mean you are running away, only means this is not your time yet to embrace this shift, you may come back later when you feel ready again! Just remember ‘Love Yourself, Love Others and Love All That Is’ will stop you further down the striving path!
At this particular historic moment whence the collective consciousness of humanity is in the process of being pulled upwards/moving forward, it is notably important that each of earth citizens be aware that this upward journey although happens in a rapid speed in the sense of human history it would also, by the Divine Promise, ensure to shower upon the paths of each individual human beings for the maximum awakening, which implies each human being has their own path and timing in this ascension journey and requires each us fellow humans to be patient to each other.
God Bless All!

Helen Xinhui Zhu is a visionary, teacher, facilitator of soul awakening and Green Earth Life Initiatives. She provides consultation for Green Earth Life Initiatives for policy makers, and she initiated and is organizing the New Earth New Life Walking Meditation Network, hosting the New Earth New Life Golden Phoenix Forum. For more details, please visit our website www.learnwithuniversalmind.com

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Chakras, the Energy Centers of The Human Body – Obtain Divine Wisdom to Discern (6)

We are continuing in the introduction of the primary energy centers of the human body, the sixth Chakra – Ajna, meaning ‘command’ or’perceive’in Sanskrit, represented by the Indigo blue color, related to Divine Wisdom. It is located behind the forehead between the eyebrows, therefore it is also called the Third Eye which has the ability and power to perceive the insights of the world – past, present and future through the high frequency energy world while the two physical eyes can only see things at their surface meanings which always change in this physical world, that’s why sometimes we say we are blind even though with our eyes open.

With the obtainment of the Divine Fire at the Heart Chakra, and moved on to the pure energy of Truth communication activated in our body at the Throat Chakra, now the purified Self, after the initial dispelling of the fear with Divine knowledge, continues to seek upwards to meet the Divine Wisdom, the light, which is achieved and always present at Ajna.

The Ajna Chakra is symbolized with two white transparent lotus pedals horizontally placed representing the plane of neutrality, the state of balance of the duality between Yin Yang, Masculine and Feminine energy, the Spiritual and material world, the energy and physical world, which has bathed in the pool of purity and clarity (the white and the transparency of the pedals); in the middle of the symbol is a downward triangle representing Divine Wisdom and light holding the white moon sometimes depicted as a 6-faced and 4-armed deity with light pink skin, holding a drum, a book, a skull and a rosary.


The white moon held by the downward triangle denotes the elevated/transformed human body in harness of the Divine Wisdom and Fullness after it has experienced all the tastes, emotions and feelings of life (rosary) and learned to detach from them (the skull, abstained from the mind) with the help of obtaining the Divine knowledge about True Life (the book), and now the body can view and easily be poised equally between the two polarized worlds and shuttle between them by will (the 6-faced and 4-armed deity), and always synchronizes with(in) the Divine/Nature rhythm (the drum) – 1, 2, 3

The Ajna energy center, the third eye is linked to the pineal grand and the pituitary gland of the human body. It is believed that if this Chakra is fully activated and functions well, it would activate all the senses beyond your 5 normal senses, the 6th sense called collectively, to bestow you the power of perceiving intuitively about the entire universe, therefore to command your world.

People have the impression that only those masters, a few among the population can have the third eye opened, now we have a good news for you – every human being has the potential to have your Ajna center activated to swim in the vast pool of Divine wisdom and to become a master of your own life, command your self-centered world (just like any star or planet, or any space object having their own gravitational center, not driven away by others) therefore to live a truly enlightened life in harmony with all other beings on earth, and in the universe. Here are the explanations:

The Pineal gland in human’s body regulates the circadian rhythm, which is a 24 hour cycle and the cycle of the rise and set of the sun and the moon. This circadian rhythm is naturally followed in the physiological processes of all living beings, including plants, animals, fungi and cyanobacteria that have been discovered, but not limited to these life forms, and it is the Rhythm of the whole universe, human beings will surely discover more about this in the sense of larger universe. The circadian rhythms are endogenously generated by responding to light and darkness, however they can be artificially altered in regions therefore cause disruption in the infected regions – human’s outpace of nature’s rhythm induces human body’s moral decadence, then leads to the disruption of the human society, further of the earth’s life, and through earth behaviors, it may have already disrupted the life of the solar system, and so on so forth in the universe. That would explain why we say our genes have been altered by our own ignorant creations – the off-ground modern life-style, modern civilization disrupted the natural order, nature’s rhythm. however there is a saying “When things reach their ends, the opposite would occur” (物极必反), it is like the turn of day and night, when the darkness of the night reaches its pinnicle, the light of the day will break in. We human beings cannot escape from the Law of Nature, Law of the Universe, and we all know that the earth, even the solar system is just like a drop of water in the infinite ocean of space objects, so follow the flow, follow the Rhythm of the Nature, it is our only choice, and is the most intelligent choice!

Each of us was created following the spirit of a star constellation and there are 12 constellations in human’s perception in the sky, so there are 12 types of human flesh bodies in this physical realm, and if each of us aims at and determined to fully lining up its flesh body with the high vibration of its constellation star, then the 2 strands of 12 traits in the two realms would become a balanced 24-facet formation, a symbol of a completion of the enlightening journey of the human species.

When you enter this stage of consciousness, you are naturally bestowed the power for discerning the Truth and Falsehood, easily recognize the mind tricks generated from the heavy mass formation but also become benevolent towards all beings because the Law of Nature, the 4 principles of the Heavenly Law for creation originally seated in the field of your body have been fully activated and function as the governing laws for all your being and doing. And you know naturally the revelation of Truth is for you to leave behind those undesirable which we have unconsciously undertaken and with unfailing determination move forward with new fresh deeds without wasting time and energy on pointing fingers to each other to get things worse.

And again fortunately from 2013 through 2025, each human beings would have an equal chance to embrace this vast ascension pulling energy from the Divine (please refer to July 14, 1789-2015, A Journey from Mind to Heart Liberation), and this ascension journey means you will need to leave behind all the odds you have ever clinched in your mind and flesh body, but trust the Divine to bring us back to our Eternal Home – The Green Earth Life.

When we have learned to be equally live a life between the material physical realm and the spiritual energy realm, our body would become the saved, our spirit would experience the resurrection, and some of us would be transformed from the saved to the savior. Truly the human salvation starts from the self-salvation, from the inside out transformation, not the other way round.

Relax and Enjoy Your Ascension Journey!
With Lots of Love
Helen Xinhui Zhu is a visionary, teacher, facilitator of soul awakening and Green Earth Life Initiatives. She provides consultation for Green Earth Life Initiatives for policy makers, and she initiated and is organizing the New Earth New Life Walking Meditation Network, hosting the New Earth New Life Golden Phoenix Forum. For more details, please visit our website www.learnwithuniversalmind.com

Note: Feel free to transcopy this article as a whole piece by indicating the source or directly linking back to the source

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