Walking Through the Shadow Valley (2) – from the heart-shape of a wasp sting to The Light

Yesterday when I went to view an old run-down property, I was stung by a wasp nesting under a window shade which i didn’t notice. It was a quite hurt. I had never have the experience of being stung by a bee or wasp or I may have forgot so didn’t know how serious it could be, and after going home I did some research on the internet and some of the info quite scary that suggested through allergy and bacteria infection it can cause very serious reaction even death to ‘unlucky’ people. I didn’t feel that much worry, but to prevent bacteria infection, I sprayed vinegar on the area with the sting spot which had a dime size swollen at that time. And then this morning when I got up and looked in the mirror it gave me a big surprise – a heart shaped reddish bruise appeared on my upper right arm where I was stung. I felt very uplifted and wished this bruise shape would forever stay on my arm as a permanent mark.

wasp sting-heart shape
Intuitively I know this is another message sent by the Divine and He wants me to pass it on to humanity – We are in the process of self-healing during which some of the deep wounds buried for thousands of years from our childhood (both humanity as one being and individuals) have to be brought up to the Light for us to re-examine in order to apply the appropriate prescriptions and some of which may come in unexpected and unwanted ways that would cause sharp pains and disorders.

While in looking around the world, recently there was another wave of intensified violence all around at all layers – from suicidal individual bombings, tragic truck slaughtering of large number of people, to conflicts and killings between police and civilians; from national government coup to continuous ISIS operation, and to large number of demonstrations with many ending in arrest. All of these violent incidents are pointing to one reality – the extreme dissatisfaction of people struggling in the out-of date social systems that are long time due for ‘renovation and improvement’ like those old rundown properties. These are the strong calls for those at governing positions from local to national and international communities to stop reacting to these incidents as in the past by resorting to force or just doing the usual condemning or praying but look deep inside humanity at all levels to acknowledge the following recognitions:

– we all have the God Consciousness deep inside us, it is each individual’s job to let this Original God consciousness with Light to speak out to guide instead of being dragged down by our dark flesh traits
– the necessity and urgency to update the ideological forging systems and social operational systems
– the requirement of cooperation and efforts of every member of the whole society by abandoning the rivalry mentality towards each other, embracing the wholeness and oneness sense

These two revelation books can help you recognize and reach to more Light:
2 in 1 in 2 The Supreme Revelation, Part I The Three Tier Messages, Part II The Decoding


We have to allow each other the shadow dark side to play out, and through the symptoms we see the root cause, and that’s a must-be in this healing process.

Deep wounds buried for thousands of years from hatred to divisiveness playing out in racial issues, religious issues, class struggle issues, ruling and being ruled issues (government and dissidents); all of these come out again in order to give a chance for healing

Recognize issues, then we look deep into the root cause – the ideology that makes one ‘evil’, glorifies the other and make them enemies, make them fight and kill, or make one slave of the other by amplifying the dark side and limitations of the human flesh, and the ‘evil’ seems always in other people, not in oneself. This is the trick.

Fortunately a large proportion of the world populations have recognized this trick, more and more people will follow including some of those at the national governing positions, meanwhile there are some politicians who are still playing this old trick in handling domestic as well as international issues. And the result of it can only harm those who play the old trick themselves and bring destruction to themselves because humanity healing is a natural process under a larger force of irrefutable natural healing of the Earth.

We are brothers and sisters, all have the human traits in this physical world bearing light and shadow in us. It is like an old property that can hide some dangerous stings causing pain, but if we forgive the surface pain, and willing to do the improvement work with our heart, we will see a new fresh renovated property for us to move in.

And in the order of the natural existence, or God’s eye, all elements working together to keep the whole in balance. Like the seesaw game, if the two person’s weight not more or less the same, you can only play the up and down game to see each other; but if the two’s weight are in balance, you can play a 360 degree fly game to have a panoramic view of your surroundings! This is the heart game which would shed light on the mind!


Helen Xinhui Zhu, co-author of ‘Stop Stop Stop undust the common sense of timeless wisdom -transformational initiatives for the green earth life’

is a visionary, teacher, facilitator of soul awakening and Green Earth Life Initiatives. She provides consultation for Green Earth Life Initiatives for policy makers, and she initiated and is organizing the New Earth New Life Walking Meditation Network, hosting the New Earth New Life Golden Phoenix Forum. For more details, please visit our website www.learnwithuniversalmind.com

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