Walking Through the Shadow Valley (1) – Encounter Injustified Traffic Ticket

Sometimes in life you have to go through the shadow darkness in many corners, which can easily  consume and shatter the wills of those whose faith is in trial.

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Back in middle of this February, it was freezing cold during the night. One night the temperature dropped to -14 celsius degrees where I was staying. So my kitchen pipes burst unexpectedly, as an emergency the water supply had to be shut down and I had to wait for a couple of days for the repair. So I had to drive nearly 20 miles to a shopping center to get a package of drinking water. It was almost dark when I set out and I knew the weather was not good. It started snowing quite heavily when I headed back towards home. I drove quite slow. At a cross road, stopped, turned left, for some eerily reasons, I was just uncontrollably pulled to the side walk and stuck between the two cables holding a wire post. I tried to get out by pulling forward and backward, completely useless. Called my insurance company, was told it would take them 3 hours to get to my spot (it was already after 9pm), so they suggested me to call 911 for help. I called 911, the officer on the phone was very helpful, she told me police already on the way and would get to me very soon and instructed me to leave my flash lights on. So I thanked, felt assured and waited. It was dark already, only the ground was white, there were no road lights in that area, only one house not very far from. Half an hour passed, forty five minutes passed, still no sign of a police car; I had the engine on so that it could keep me warm at least; every a few minutes, a car drove by, quite some of them stopped, people asked me if they could help and tried to comfort me. Unfortunately only a tow truck could pull me out. I told them police would come soon for help. One person even said to me he would come back later to see if I was alright. I thanked them and felt warmed by their kind gestures. Again I patiently waited, thought if for a short while the police still didn’t come, i would knock on the door of that nearby house and ask them drive me home. Then nearly 11pm, I saw  from my rear mirror a police car approaching. I was so happy to see them coming, and got out of my car to greet them. The main officer asked me what happened and asked for my drivers license and registration card. I did both. Then the police officer said they would call a tow truck, it would not take 3 hours for them to get here. I said I did not want to wait here by myself, they said they would also stay here. Then they went back in their car with my documents, and I went back to mine. Truly not very long, about 25 minutes, a tow truck came, he pulled my car out and I paid for the fee. And then the police officer came to me and handed back to me my driver’s license and registration card, and a ticket of $120 for ‘failure to drive at speed appropriate at conditions’. seeing that, I was totally upset and immediately disagreed about the charge, since I truly did not drive fast, even not a little fast, there was no sign on the ground that I suddenly speed up, and there was no need for me to do that (since the stuck spot was only 13 feet away from the cross road and I started from a stop position, together with others, it could prove I was not guilty). But the police refused to rectify, instead he said, even if I drove 5 miles per hour it was still inappropriate speed. I’d better pay the fine now, if I go to the court he would against me. I could not take what he said, felt treated with unjustice. I had to be honest that I had speeding ticket records, but it could only tell what happened before not present time. If a police makes his judgement totally based on history records, he is biased. That day when I got home it was after midnight. Meanwhile in those days I had to deal with insurance company and the repairing company about the burst of my kitchen pipes.

I didn’t decide immediately file protest against it since i had so many important things waiting for me to do but it is a big fine to me; however with time passing by, the feeling of unjustice got stronger, then I decided to file protest it. First court listening was scheduled, I went; a trial was scheduled for beginning of May, then when the date was approaching, a phone message was left by the court for rescheduling the trial one month later at the request of the police officer. Then on June 8, I was fully charged by Spirit and felt so confident that I was not responsible for that accident. I got there on time and was checked in. The entire court hall was empty only me sitting there waiting. About 10 minutes passed, couple of police officers arrived. I vaguely recognized they were the two officers appeared at my accident spots. Still waiting, more than 30 minutes passed, “what they are waiting?” I thought, felt a bit impatient about the time passing, so I stood up and walked to the court window and asked when we would start? the clerk said something to me twice, not very clearly, I asked for pardon; then the judge came and said to me “the officer is missing, you were free of charge”. What? I didn’t expect. ‘you are free of charge, you can leave now’ the judge repeated impatiently. Oh! So I left the court with a heart of victory without battle and puzzle that how come the court ended this way while I saw the two officers came and were right in the hall behind me chatting with another guy?
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Next article is on extended thinking from traffic police and traffic tickets!
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