‘There Is NO Planet B!’ – Here Is Why

It is very simple – the whole universe follows the same rules. What rules?
Just ask yourself the simple questions, how many human beings on earth now? oh, 7.3 billions and soon will be 8.5 billion by 2035 if nothing is to be done to manage it. Then can you find an exact 2nd you among the 7.3 billion human bodies? Can you expect a 2nd Vladimir Putin to appear if some admire him a lot? Of course NO. Because each of us created beings, even a sand is forged by the Creator as a unique individual that bears many different traits and to function as an element of the whole in the unlimited dimensional spheres of universe. When we look at one species of other animals in distance, say lions, some thought they all look same or similar, but if you ask those people who live or work with lions, they would tell you how different their ‘personalities’ are. To other species, we human beings probably also look the same, but they know we are different. Dogs can always recognize their owners among a large crowd of people, but not the other way round, that’s because we human beings have experienced the shut-down of the acute senses of our innate ability.
no planet B

We know the climate change and the environment devastation are only the symptoms of the moral decay of human species which is a main player on the earth environment. In facing the issues we created, naturally some people would think why can’t we think planet B to our rescue? for the same reason, every planet, any object in the universe is a unique individual being that bears different content functionality which may nurture different life forms completely different from the ones on our planet earth, but to our current coarse senses, we see them similar, therefore expect to find a planet B. This is an attitude of escaping and irresponsibility if we let this thought get loose further down this direction which would be wasting time and surly further depleting our Only Planet Earth, because even the creation of a space shuttle would cause us a fortune of the earth resources, and accelerate the current devastation but not solve any issues.

Therefore the very realistic and an once-for-all rescue on climate actions is to change our mind, to bring forth the easy reach and not technical Green Initiatives. And this is an undeniable obligation of each earth citizen and an interesting and inspiring new game, new journey! The very encouraging news, humanity is experiencing the uplifting energy which is activating our DNA and it allows billions of people awaken and start to take conscious actions towards a Green Earth Life. To see how you can quickly embark on this journey and join the billions awaken, the newly released book would have a lot say, it is available on Amazon now.
Wish You A New Inspiring Journey for 2016!

Helen Xinhui Zhu is a visionary, teacher, soul awakening and New Earth New Life Initiatives facilitator. She provides consultation for New Earth New Life Initiatives for policy makers, and she initiated and is organizing the New Earth New Life Walking Meditation Network, hosting the New Earth New Life Golden Phoenix Forum. For more details, please visit our website www.learnwithuniversalmind.com


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