The World to Be Reborn in Chaos – Redefine A Lot We Have Known

Some might have already felt the big wave of energy change in the world, some are in the front line of the wave, and some may not at all have a clue what’s going on in the world right now. These are just normal reflective of the world nature.

In the physical world, we see in the last 200-300 hundred years, especially the last 100 years, there are more disruptions, conflicts in human history (climaxed with the fall of moral value in Catholic churches) and more natural catastrophes on the planet. Some people say the world is falling apart, some say humanity is heading to darkness.

However in the energy domain,  the wave change of  magnetic field in the cosmos resulted from Grand Planetary Alignments cause a big change on the earth, bring about the expansion of consciousness of human beings.  I also feel and see the darkness energy pushing in, but the Sun still rises every day, and the Light is everywhere. Everything is still in the hands of Supreme Intelligence. “万物复阴而抱阳,冲气以为和. All things are wrapped by Female/Negativity and embraced by Male/Positivity, and they reach balance through the Spirit work” – 42# TaoTeJing.

So do not feel dismayed! Most people nowadays accept the Big Bang theory on how the universe was formed – the initial explosion and expansion of massive energy, particles were formed… The world was born in chaos. I would say – the world is going to be reborn in chaos. And the process of the New-born world is characterized with the massive awakening of collective consciousness. In this massive awakening, some may feel discomfort with the change, but if you make a conscious choice and proactively embrace the new energy wave, you’ll be one of the ‘lucky’ ones who will have made the shift from this 3-dimensional world into a multi-dimentional world. There is no luck, and Luck always favors those who get prepared!

So A lot concepts we’ve accepted/known need to be redefined to assist you in this shift.

Who Am I

Old Def:  I’m my name, my culture, my title, my physical appearance, my achievement/honor earned, etc in this world.
New Def: I’m spirit, eternal, birthless, deathless, a co-creator of physical reality, shapeless being living in the physical body

Old def: information we have known so far about history, mathematics, chemistry, literature, politics etc. and how many great/famous names you have known, how many emperors there are/were in a particular country, and so on so forth
New Def: information about human body, human being, living being, spirit, the field, the knowner, the doer of activities

old def: the state of being conscious, aware of the surrounding environment, yourself, your identity etc.
New Def: the ability and sense feeling, awareness of the energy in you and surround you, the connection to a larger energy field/force that affects your experience in the physical reality

These three are the most fundamental Knowledge and the key understanding for you to have a shift of your life in future from now on, with these understanding shift, a lot of other concepts will follow and your attitude, your understanding about everything will have also shift… please be it, experience it…


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posted by Helen Zhu

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