The Weeping Angel

This afternoon I was sitting in a Starbucks sipping hot chocolate while reading on my Kindle Fire. A woman in a kind of (I can’t say sloppy) dress came in and dropped herself in the seat by me, I wasn’t distracted at all from my reading. About an hour later I felt like going to the restroom and when I came back into my seat I almost pumped into that lady and I was aware that she was also coming back into her seat, and i noticed it seemed she didn’t order anything. At that moment I saw four or five cops came in and walked directly towards her, one of them told her at some point she had to leave, she might argued back something, then that cop said ‘you can’t stay here’. So the cops ordered her to go out and continued their business…


Watching this happening in front of me, an unspeakable feeling arouse, I don’t know what exactly happened here? was it because she didn’t buy a drink or she disturbed other customers, or else? At that moment, I just wanted to cry – I asked myself: what’s wrong with our society? why can’t this sort of things be tolerated? If I have a coffee shop and someone sits in for nothing, am I tolerant, and if I’m for one occasion, am I for more as a routine?

This makes me recall a surprising encounter while I was visiting back my home town in Beijing. I was sitting in a taxi and chatting with the taxi driver, our conversations went naturally from air pollution, unfair conducts at local traffic controls to inequality. The taxi driver gave a long sigh uttering ‘hey… it’s all been since the beginning of the possession system. So profound point, I was secretly filled with awe.

I’d like to hear what you think about this issue!

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