The Most Sophisticated Lioness – the best mother, lioness and leader

Who still say that animals have no emotions, no pain after watching this legendary tribute to the most magnificent creatures that we’re so lucky to planetmate with?

Happiness, Loneliness, Sorrow, Grief, Courage, Trust, Determination and Transformation… all those human beings have she possesses. I bow to you, Madhita, the Spirit-embodied Lioness!

Just watch, everything in her eyes, on her face – the sorrow in the eyes when she was leaving behind her back-broken cub; the guilt on her face when she headed back towards her hungry cubs with empty mouth after her kill was grabbed away by hyenas, the reunion joy between her and her last survival cub…

here is the part2 link if you want to watch it on a bigger screen

helpless sadness reunion -mother and cub

This is the best Documentary about Lions. In the last 50 years wild lions in Africa steep down from about 450,000 to today’s 20,000 hitting extinction by losing land from human population, trophy hunting etc…

Any living beings have the right to thrive on this planet, every species contribute to the balance of healthy earth life, if human beings want to survive in a long run, we must understand and respect all lives, and treat all lives as equal.

Let’s hope and help that these are the last lions that have to struggle to survive on this planet, let us do our bit to help them revive by participating in any ways we can, be it donating to wildlife projects, adoption, going to eco-safaris etc…!


posted by Helen Zhu


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