Stand Still in Time of Chaos for Global Development – Free from the old structures

Nearly a year’s anxiety, wonder and battles after the COP21 global agreement signed on Combating the global climate change which had raved among environment sentient beings, campaigners and those first experienced the devastation damages from climate change, now breathe in a little release upon the announcement of the ratification of the agreement by the two Presidents from China and US 1 day before the 11th G20 Summit. G20’s take 75% of global pollution emission. We hope other parties signed on the Paris agreement will get a boost in doing the same soon. And this step forward by the two leaders will write a heavy stroke in human history and worth praising. However humanity has a long way to go in order to free himself from the ill-tracked traveling cart before it falls off the cliff which has been leading the world to this dangerous direction. As stated in the Revelation book ‘2 in 1 in 2 The Supreme Revelation”, mending the cart from inside is no use, complete jumping off the cart is the only option.

This is a historic time, everybody on earth is being tested and stretched but for a good reason, from ordinary individuals who may only need to take care of themselves to government officials who not only need to attend their own personal growth but also the affairs of a larger community of millions of thousands of people. The cosmos outlook tells a vision of possibility that each of us responds to the higher calling of DNA activation that will empower us to jump out of our old thinking and behavior box to take a higher vibrational path for our next stage of growth.


In aspect of the world and human development, humanity in this generation of incarnation has tried as many as possible on the same path and reached its highest level of civilization, and many proofs and evidences from previous cycles of civilizations gave a strong hint that we have to render a significant shift on our path if we truly want to survive the whole species and our brother species on earth. It is a scientific announcement and the conscious awareness that human activity has been co-creating the earth environment and left a heavy imprint and consequences to the future of the earth and its space environment.

It is a sequence of discoveries that Archaeologists have been unearthing many human dwellings and architect buildings from previous civilizations deeply buried in forest jungles and some of them might have well surpassed the current level of technological achievement, but in the end they still couldn’t escape from the same fate of being abandoned and let nature, whose main representative is forest jungle to take over and forever vanquished from human’s eyes.


When we say, we are the first and the last generation to take actions to save the mother earth, we need to be aware We really mean We have to rise and waken to save ourselves. The earth does not need us to save, she can save herself which she is doing right now; And everything we do is in fact to save ourselves and the species in our generation. And this requires an enormous courage and determination which would need to overcome fears, discomfort, some doubts and sometimes short term sacrifices to truly jump out of the old box we have been programmed and habitually think and behave, and take a complete freshened approach in instituting new development policies; and this will surely encounter a lot of cries from some who may bear some real pain or who may just bear some imaginary pain. But there is a saying in Chinese: short-term pain is better than a long-term pain. In other words, in order to get a long term benefit sometimes it is necessary and unavoidably to experience some short term discomfort, and bear in mind that discomfort may be just a product from our mind, an illusive feeling.

And this is called ‘Stand still’ when we have learned how to surpass ourselves through transmutation into another new form of Self that radiates a higher vibrational energy bearing love, peace and harmony, and itself can ward off all negativity of fear, disorientation and polarization, and has the Self Gravitation to discern and to make choices in life and in collective decisions.

We always say, animals have a much higher consciousness than we humans do, we can learn a lot from them, especially when comes to the quality of detachment. Here is the post and a video about a lioness Madhtau living in Duba Island, Botswana. She knows how and when to show her love and when has to let go; in this story about her survival she demonstrates so many traits we humans have and we long to have. I love this lioness so much and have capped her with the most Sophisticated Lioness.

So please settle down yourself and quietly watch this 2 part video, meanwhile relax yourself. I’m sure you can learn a lot from this story.

We are in an unprecidented historic time, and how lucky we are that we have been bestowed this rare opportunity to experience life in an unprecidented way! Why waste it on the same old things we had already tried for many generations but new things, new ways! So think big, think differently, and behave responsibly!

God Bless!
Love and Peace!
Humanity Healing!
Helen Xinhui Zhu is a visionary, teacher, facilitator of soul awakening and Green Earth Life Initiatives. She provides consultation for Green Earth Life Initiatives for policy makers, and she initiated and is organizing the New Earth New Life Walking Meditation Network, hosting the New Earth New Life Golden Phoenix Forum. For more details, please visit our website

Books involved written: 2 in 1 in 2 The Supreme Revelation (Part I and Part II); Stop Stop Stop undust the common sense of timeless wisdom – transformational initiatives to the Green Earth Life

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