Reclaim Our Innate Ability through Animal Communication

This is a long video, but I promise you won’t want to stop till the end if you just quiet yourself and start…

A lot of pet owners may have noticed that sometimes their dogs or cats seem understand them even before they speak. Many have heard that animals have saved people’s lives in dangerous situations even before people are aware of the dangers.

Telecommunication, the ability that all beings were given at the beginning of the creations, however has been lost long time ago by human beings, while our animal friends have never disconnected from. As in this video, Anna Breytenbach said ‘I believe human beings are greatly suffering from separation sickness, and disconnected from nature’.

Yes, we once lived in harmony with all animals in the nature,  from when we started to see devastating forest, smoky rises, dying animals, and more…?  only when it seriously affects ourselves we start to take notice, perhaps  it’s too late.

Perhaps it’s easier for human beings to get back the ability of unspoken communication between humans through animal communication.  So watch this video, let the energy flow through you.  Be blessed!

And do not forget taking actions!


Posted by Helen Zhu





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