Pull Your Lens Close – 2016, A Time for Discernment over Generalization

Astronauts must have an easy approach to come aware how different it can be the earth if viewed from the space and from the close-up when they come down living on it. When we say we are living in an unlimited dimensional sphere of universe, it is not a fictional story about future prediction, but a reality that many are starting to embrace but may feel difficult to grasp and recognize the essence.

From a blue globe suspending in the fabric of solar system, in inward direction zoom our lens, to the surface outlooks – atmosphere, continents, oceans, mountains, rivers, plants, animals, humans, regional groups, countries, ethnic groups, families, individual humans etc., we have already passed through many sophisticated spheres of the universe filled with an abundance of live forms that carry a vast pool of unknown existence to dazzle human’s eyes, for human beings to learn, to explore, to expand our consciousness, therefore it would be obvious and logic to all that we cannot just simply generalize this blue globe as a planet orbiting the Sun and treat it as any other planet in this Solar system. The same applies to our human society which is one of the unlimited spheres we are dwelling in, and again there are many intertwined sub-spheres in this human society for us to recognize, to learn, to explore the existence, the truth.


We cannot accept everything or negative everything because of parts of the whole. Human’s minds are used to making stereotype, to generalize; if something they like they would without any doubt accept everything that belongs to that entity, or if something they don’t like they will trash, abandon everything which they do not realize how valuable to them, and seems this is a default of the human body’s weakness and is easily exploited by some who wish to manipulate the masses. For instance, if someone from the Middle East stands far away and simply generalizes ‘America is the Big Satan’, it would immediately cause outrages among Americans, why? because this statement is simply not true, it is an insult to those many caring and loving souls among Americans who have been fighting in this country for the equality and freedom of all beings. However this statement to some extent reflects something on US public policies both domestic and foreign affairs which are the representation of the collective image of United States and may cause unease and hardship to some of the international community because of its economic power, the reason known by everyone in the world. Following this route to encounter others in this world can only cause more conflicts.

But the awaken era is the end of this blind acceptance, blind negative, it calls for discernment for the truth! When politicians shout out for ‘the Rule of Law’, we must tell if it is the Law of Heavens and Earth or it is the rules coming out of their own controlling minds (just observe it is happening); when people say technology can bring progress to the human society, we have to be alert if the form of technology truly unleashes human’s innate ability of being part of the nature, well grounded on this green field or enslaves the human body by taking it off the ground, off the green field; if someone targets a whole group of human beings, be it a religion, culture, a country, a political social system, etc., we must have his ambition/agenda checked.

Each individual entity is unique, and each individual is responsible for the thoughts and behaviors of its own, we just can’t make generalization. When the majority of the population have learned to make discernment on the truth, the power of creation will stay among the masses instead of a few with force adhering as a clay shield to the essence. And this is ‘True Awakening’! When the Truth, the Essence of Creation stays in the center of your heart, it will shine, light the path in front of you, all the darkness will go into dissolution. What is the Truth and what is the Essence of Creation? How do we standstill without being blown away by the strong wind in this time of historic change/chaos, the newly published book below has a lot to say! Read the introduction on Amazon and see if you resonate with its energy!
Be Vigil! Stay Alert!
God Bless You!


Helen Xinhui Zhu is a visionary, teacher, soul awakening and New Earth New Life Initiatives facilitator. She provides consultation for New Earth New Life Initiatives for policy makers, and she initiated and is organizing the New Earth New Life Walking Meditation Network, hosting the New Earth New Life Golden Phoenix Forum. Her Co-authored new book ‘Stop Stop Stop – Undust the Common Sense of Timeless Wisdom, transformational Initiatives to the Green Earth Life’ is now available on Amazon Stores

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