Peaceful Control of Human Population – One of the Key Stones We Must Stand on to Embrace a New Earth Life (1)

At the moment, we’re right in the middle/peak of the historic astronomical planetary transits. I’m quite sure that each of our earth citizens feels its powerful influence to a different degree. I can feel this Divine Power of energy showering down from the sky, it activates us for deep reflections on our past both as individuals and humanity as one being, and  pulls us for opening our hearts to embrace the deep change, a lightening shift.

To bring forth a New Earth Life, we are facing many daunting issues. Human population explosion is one of those which  we all witness and recognize. From 1950’s 2.5 billion to current 7.2 billion, the number of human’s population tripled while other wildlife, other beings that share with us the same space declines or extincts. According to BBC Sep 2014, a report done by ZSL suggests the populations of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish have declined by an average of 52%; Populations of freshwater species have suffered an even worse fall of 76%.

Now it’s time for each earth citizen to quiet yourself and look around and reponder on what’s happening to the whole earth life, the whole earth environment?  what has brought these?

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As one of God’s creations, human beings slipped to the duality state of mind, losing balance of the yin yang energy in us, becoming the one lost sheep who has gone astray from the originally created circle of life on earth. Led by the overcharged Yang energy, human beings as one being sees itself superior than any of other life forms, even ignores other life forms on earth and in the universe, we have been wrestling with God, with our brothers and sisters and our cousins, as a result, we broke the life circle which is a self-retained, self-sufficient ecosystem.

As a circle of life, every block of the circle should fit in the system as both a resource generator and consumer if you observe the wildlife in nature, and if any of the blocks over grows or insufficient, the whole circle of life would be facing break down. That is the result of human population explosion.

Not only by number, if you think about human beings’ life style, as an individual it takes much more spaces and resources than any of other species, therefore undisputablly over exploits the natural resources for regeneration. By this over exploitation, human species misused his trust from God as a manager of the full life circle, it is like a CEO who was put on his managing position but he abused his power by putting extra money in his own pocket. What’s the result? Sooner or later the company may go bankruptcy, and he will be removed by the board!

Probably almost all people realized that human population needs to be brought under control, but why so many years has passed, there is no significant result and the overall world population is still growing? There are this or that arguments so that we can’t have a uniformed action, and there are also fears of being blamed for being selfish or cruel. But in my opinion, it is our belief and understanding about life itself that deters us to take immediate and sufficient actions.

Now it comes again to the question: Who you really are? Now we know, we human beings are eternal Spirit Beings that dwell in the flesh bodies which are perishable. Our body is composed of the same material elements, like all other life forms, will always come and go, we call it birth and death; however our Inner Spiritual Being always dwells in the eternal, infinite realm, experiencing the circle of birth and death and rebirth, and always takes new flesh bodies which we call the hosts of the True Life. Before now we majority human beings see our flesh bodies as our lives, therefore holding on to it, not letting go, even after the physical death, we still build tombs to try to hold on to it forever. Now we know we are Spiritual, Eternal, then why do we still want to hold on to the perishable forms? If you observe the wildlife, they come and go following the natural life circle, nothing is wasted, all fit in the circle. then as one block of the whole earth life circle, why do we human beings take exception, or continue to take exception?

When comes to individuals who decide not to have children, if you say this is selfish or cruel, then isn’t it not selfish that as a species humankind by overpopulating its own offspring destroys the natural resources for regenerating the food supply to the whole earth life including your own offspring in future generations? and Isn’t it cruel and blind that as a species in order to feed himself human beings kill or even kill all other life forms that should be equally situated on the same life circle ?

And because human population explosion is one of the fundamental issues that not just bring the feeding issue and space competition with other life forms, but more seriously it triggers other social issues such as environmental pollution due to the current full life styles of human species. If we want to bring under control those other issues caused by humans, we’ll have to halt and let decrease the population otherwise it is an bottomless pit which can never be filled.

Another aspect of this issue, since our body is far apart in alignment with our Inner Being with thousands of years of struggling, our foremost job right now is to work on and to sanctify our own body to build a new one to be filled with spirit, and it would take many years, even a whole generation to achieve that, and before that it would be wise that we restrain our own desires from having new babies. If any individuals want to take care of babies, better adopt those already born on earth, seeing yourself as one of the members in the entire Human Family, and this is part of God nature. Truly after Humankind slipped to the duality state of mind, God did not want Humans have new born (please refer: 2 in 1 in 2 The Supreme Revelation, Part II the Decoding) according to the revelation to X.H. New Wisdom.

And human beings, as a manager entrusted by God for managing his whole creation on Earth, we have the ability to managing our own behaviors, number of population as well as the numbers of other species by applying our God-given ability – the Yin Yang balanced energy.

A New Earth Life would be a self retained, self-sufficient ecosystem, where all created beings enjoy the abundance of life supply and live in a relaxed mode of life, instead of struggling like we’re still doing. When more people realize this and work towards this, the day when we only need to raise our hands to pick up fruits from the ‘tree of fruits’ will come.

So a peaceful control of human population is really one of the key stones we would need to stand on, from there all other issues will be easier to tackle.


Helen Xinhui Zhu is a visionary, teacher, soul awakening and New Earth New Life Initiatives facilitator. She provides consultation for New Earth New Life Initiatives for policy makers, and she initiated and is organizing the New Earth New Life Walking Meditation Network, hosting the New Earth New Life Golden Phoenix Forum. For more details, please visit our website


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