New Understanding of the Christian Trinity – a guidance in our daily life on earth (2)

Nothing has to be a certain way. Do you know in Christianity there are different beliefs about God? Such as Trinitarianism -three divine persons, Binitarianism – One deity in 2 persons, Unitarianism – one deity in one person.
Trinitarianism believes Father, Son and The Holy Spirit are the 3 Divine persons in one God
Binitarianism beilieves Father and Son are the two divine persons or gods, but does not believe The Holy Spirit God, rather the power essence that flows/emanates between both the Father and the Son. While contrast to Trinitarianism, Unitarianism believes in One person God, and holding a belief that Jesus was a prophet.

The concept of Trinity was only first used by someone in 3rd century when explaining about the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are in one Essence, not in one person. Which belief are you holding?

Well, I understand the different doctrines only came/come into alive along with the development/expansion of human consciousness. All these doctrines are actually reflections of our understandings about the relationships between the Source – God, human being, his creation and the Spirit. Where ever the understandings of human consciousness reach the doctrines stop.

I see the Father, the Son and the Spirit are the symbols of the Oneness God, Human beings/living beings and the Supreme Spirit respectively. We human beings are the creations of God, in us flows the blood of God, our Father, and the blood is the symbol of the Spirit which connects to the Two of Us. That’s why I believe, and a lot of people believe that we’re also divine creatures, we are like God, our Creator, our Father, but we are never be our Creator, Father, we are just a fraction of Him. Therefore do not be bold enough to think we are God and try to build a tower to Heaven to match Him, for this ignorance we’ve already made our Mother Earth weeping.

This also made me think of the Sunday Holy Meal at church (Eucharist). When you take ‘the Bread’ and the “Wine’, the priest always repeats what Jesus said when he offered: this is my body which is for you, and this is my blood’. How do you understand this rite? At the very beginning I’m sure you’re so moved when thinking our Lord died for your sin and to show your thanksgivings, but does it become a routine formula for you? Maybe about the true meanings of the words you haven’t got anywhere. Think of this: Does Our Lord Jesus just want us to thank him and remember him by sacrificing his life for us? Is there something more important that he wants us to understand? Blood is the Spirit, by drinking His blood are we drinking/taking in The Spirit, therefore should we live in his Spirit, the Spirit, God? We after all are part of God, should be like God…

No room for Jesus Salvation in this posting, will do in next one!

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Posted by Helen Zhu

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