New Earth New Life Book Launch – the Shift from Within, from Yourself

Sorry I was silent for quite a while – I’m involved in the great, inspiring writing project – A Revelation from the Divine, living a semi retreat life. Now I’m back with the Jewel, a gift for each of you sentient being, as I promised to my facebook friends. I’m so blessed to be part of it, it’s an inspiring and uplifting experience. After this, I decide I’m to live a semi-retreat life, at least in the coming years to explore fully the undiscovered inner world, which is shared and connected by each of you.

The Two books – 2 In 1 In 2 The Supreme Revelation is to formally published on Sep 1, and available for purchase on Amazon stores.



Here is the book Brief:

‘2 in 1 in 2, the Supreme Revelation’ is a series of writing of mind-blowing revelations from the Highest Consciousness. It draws ancient scriptures, sacred texts together as in Bhagavad Gita, Gospel of Thomas, TaoTeJing, Genesis etc. rolling up with social phenomena and its teaching; it has revealed the most sacred sayings that have been mystifying human’s minds and humankind for thousands of years, and no knowledge of them was part of the reasons that have formed the entire human history. It is a corner stone for humanity to move forward toward its long craved, ideal society – the Kingdom of God; and it is an uplifting and inspiring piece of writing to bring individual and humanity from the wandering land of confusion and darkness out to the Light. I have no words to describe it, but to say that only an inspiration from the Divine Consciousness can be explained for this master piece, touching the knowledge of many fields as in astronomy, physics and metaphysics, philosophy, religion, myths, theology, sociology etc. etc! The pure and undifferentiated power of creation itself, where ultimate knowledge and oblivion are unified!

Truly I have run out of words to describe it, you will have to read it yourself. Be prepared for a blowing of your mind and emotions!

God Bless All!
May Peace Prevail!

Truly a New Earth can only manifest if each of earth citizens starts the shift from within. You have an entire inner world which buries the treasures you have not explored.


May Love and Peace Prevail!


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