Loving Yourself Gives You Confidence to Stand, and Loving Your Enemy Gives You Strength and Power to Leap

Is it the Trance Dance I attended Saturday night that has activated another string of energy on my DNA?

Last night I had a dream: I was in a room where several people were chatting about a kind of exam. A childhood playmate with whom I did not get along well and had some frictions appeared. I approached her and asked what scores she got. She signaled me that very top score she got and a scene with her sitting in the first roll of the classroom appeared. I felt so happy for her, so hold her tightly in my arms and said: I love you. And she smiled back to me. This morning when I woke up, this dream was so clearly in my mind, and I felt very light.

I know myself was kind of perfectionist, may still be. I remember in my school years in childhood, I always scored no1# or no 2# in my class and the whole grade. Once in the biology class the teacher announced the scores for an exam, when I heard that my score wasn’t 100 as I expected instead of around mid ninety, my face immediately dropped down and the whole following week I was feeling so unhappy and didn’t want to speak to anybody.

In later years, whenever I recalled this scene I felt a bit embarrassed and laughed at myself. When we seek perfection, on one hand it’s good that we never stop improving ourselves, on the other hand when you go beyond a certain point of perfection, is that because on a subconscious level you are comparing yourself to other people, and you don’t like being left behind, or if other people are ahead of you, you even secretly feel jealous of them?

Every thought, every event happened in the past would leave prints, encode on our DNA, and would place roles in our today’s behavior; in other words, every thought, event we allow staying in our emotion will have imprints in our bones and influence our future.

So to live a happy, loving fulfilling life, we need to be mindful enough to let all positive energy flow through us, and eliminate those negative (jealousy, anger, hatred etc) energy.

Once one of my school graders asked me how to say ‘enemy’ in Chinese, I felt so surprised they were so keen to learn this word. I told them ‘you don’t have enemies, you have only fellow friends’. Does anybody really have an enemy? No, it’s all an illusion created by your own mind in order to fit your thought form. When your thought form is broken into pieces, your ‘enemy’ is nowhere to exist.

I recently felt a bit static, not moving anywhere. After this dream I feel I’m ready to move forward again.

Loving yourself gives you confidence to stand up, and loving your enemy gives you strength and power to leap


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