Lack of Knowledge, Ignorance cause you problems and the whole world in chaos

Do you not to feel angry when someone calls you ‘ignorant’?  Don’t you feel very happy when other people praise you ‘knowledgable’ ?   Hang on,  please relax!  Are you ignorant?  Do you have knowledge?

The truth is – we are all ignorant in the knowing of  Who we are, why we come to this world and what the purpose of our life on this planet is.


Human being’s body is one of  the manifested forms from a source energy of the Supreme Spirit that pervades everywhere, in and out of any living beings. The body has its beginning, middle and end, and always takes reaction to the senses of  manifested energy. However the unbirth, undeath, True Self  that dwells in the manifested body is the unmanifested eternal energy which is part of the Supreme Spirit, God, or Universal Mind.

“All created beings have their source in these two natures. Of all that is material and all that is spiritual in this world, know for certain that I am both the origin and the dissolution” – Bhagavad Gita

In a new vision of consciousness,  knowledge is about the body, the relationship between the body and the Self, between the Self and God.  Ignorance is without knowing all about these, and refusing to seeking or receiving the messages.

If you feel resented or upset with being called ‘ignorant’, that’s because  you don’t recognize the True Self in you, believe the body is you, your name, your culture, your country your reputation is you, and you’re comparing your body to other bodies, and afraid of being lower, inferior to other bodies.

And in this manifested world, the body is restrained to the manifested energy which causes us to have attachment to possessions, to desires, then lust develops from attachment, and from lust anger arises when it’s out of reach; when one angers, his mind deludes, and from delusion, bewilderment arises, when one is bewildered he lost Intelligence, and when intelligence is lost he falls completely down into the material chaos.

Our Journey in life is to seek for the path that is designed by the Divine for each of us to let the unmanifested True Self, which is one with the Supreme Energy, to manifest. And when you have found the path you would drink the nectar flowing out of your heartland.

So Let’s pray:

Dear God, Supreme Spirit, Universal Mind,

I am sorry, please forgive me if I cause any suffering, pain or unease to anyone, any living being on this planet because of my ignorance. Please open my mind eye, give me knowledge, give me wisdom to know the unknown.   Amen!


Posted by Helen Zhu,

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