July 14, 1789-2015, A Journey from Mind to Heart Liberation

If life is the ocean, your body is the ship to carry you to your life destiny, then your mind is the captain, your soul is the compass.

   – Excerpt from book one of “2 in 1 in 2 The Supreme Revelation” Trilogy
July 14, Evening EST, Nasa reported its New Horizons Spacecraft’s historic Flyby Probe at Pluto and released a new image of the dwarf planet – to the astonishment of the world, for decades the previous planet (later was classified as a dwarf-planet) Pluto, named after the lord of underworld from Roman/Greek Mythology, sent back to the world an image of a big Heart Shape with a wide open tip – a Divine Message of Love-pouring Heart which completely overturned the fearsome, negative outline Pluto was most famous of which, in my opinion, results from human’s mind work out of unknown.

mind to heart -July 14
From 1789 to 2015, a Journey of 226 years that witnessed dramatic social changes, the unconscious human movements guided by the Conscious Divine Force:

From the Storming of the Bastille, a flashpoint of the ending of Monarchy to the Independence of America, and of nations later in history in all other regions and continents; From the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen to the formal ending of the slavery in America; from the March on Washington to the ending of Apartheid Ruling in South Africa, and till today millions of people are wakening to be aware of the old energy that has been plaguing the humanity therefore to the entire earth life, through a journey of struggles filled with bloodshed and hardship as well as thrilling adventures, humanity has come eventually to the crucial starting point of conscious Awakening that would shed light on the human society, which would entail us for self-reflection on our past, and enable us to embark the new journey towards the enlightened New Earth Life.
This 226 years journey has a profound implication and message that the Divine, the Creator wants Humanity to be aware of through this Pluto Flyby Event. This number 226 is not an ordinary number, here it is to be decoded as: 2 + 2 + (2 x 3) = 1 0, and it revels the journeys Humanity has gone through in the past, is experiencing at present and the future where it is heading. See the specific meanings for each number:
the first ‘2’ – history before the year 1789    Yin Yang polarized energy in play, mind struggles
the second ‘2’ – the history from 1789 to end of 2012   Yin Yang polarized in play, mind struggles
(2 x 3) – from 2013 to end of 2025    The Divine interference, the clash of the twin flames or energies descending and ascending at Human’s heart, and in the society. 2 triangles

10 = the future beyond 2025   the completion, fullness, perfection of the journey, the return to the original point – One and Zero
Similar to the nine and a half year long space journey for New Horizons to arrive at Pluto so far in human history, it took humanity thousands of years to come to this awakening point – humanity has been blindly struggling with the mind work, unconsciously closed the heart and allowed dusts fall and sit on it; but the flame and the Divine nature of each created being in the bottom of the heart would never extinct, it always drive humanity towards its Origin. By arriving at today’s point the human species put a milestone on the ground for its mind liberation, and from 2013 with the Divine interference and now by sending this historic image of Pluto with the Heart Shape with an open tip to the world, it is unrelentingly declared the start of the journey for human’s Heart Liberation.
Pluto’s astrological symbol 50px-Pluto's_astrological_symbol.svg implies ‘Mind (crescent) transcending matter (cross) to reach for Divine Spirit (circle)’
This intense period of 2013 to 2025, a cycle of 12 zodiac years which ensures each human being have an equal chance to embrace the flames of divine energy which is pulling from up and energize you for your own journey to reach your Perfection, is a very crucial period for the Heart Liberation for both individuals and the human species as one being; it is not a guaranteed result to reach there because the journey up and return to the Source also depends on the willingness and efforts of each individual being himself because there is always the gravitation at work to grab your heel, and grab the heel of the humanity. That gravitation is manifested in the forms of old beliefs, old habits, old systems, old ways of doing businesses etc. in your own life and in the society.
Here is a reminder for all, the Divine wants you love with an open heart with trust and courage, He is always there to support and lend you with His Unconditional Love showering down; He wants you love yourself, love others, to build trust not only with your friends but also with those who hold different stances on issues. But this is not an easy journey, because what we need to undo has been forged in a length of thousands of years.
We must remind you that there is the ‘doing business as usual’ everywhere surround you, in the society, which is the vermin/lethal poison chronically adherent to the society and which is a destructive force you must overcome in order to reach the Fullness, Oneness of the journey. ‘Doing Business as Usual’ can appear in the following forms in anybody, in any social encounters, circles:
In order to obtain selfish agenda which may harm others or the society, the subjects always try
1. to exploit human’s emotions by playing fears on speculations of undesirable scenarios
2. to exploit the different stances people may hold on issues by misplacing concepts, substituting the whole with parts
3. to escape from the society by showing indifference to social issues and problems in the name of keeping positive, this is a self-deception and irresponsible to the society
To recognize these forms, not fall prey of these destructive energy, you would need to arm yourself with the Divine energy and Divine knowledge, always envision the Enlightened Green Earth Life and bear in mind the Heavenly Laws.
To prepare yourself a successful journey to reach the Divine, this is a must read ‘2 in 1 in 2 The Supreme Revelation’ (Part I The Three Tier Messages, Part II the Decoding)


Wish you an Ease Journey!
Love and Peace!
Helen Zhu and X.H. New Wisdom   Copyright@LWUM



Helen Xinhui Zhu is a visionary, teacher, soul awakening and New Earth New Life Initiatives facilitator. She provides consultation for New Earth New Life Initiatives for policy makers, and she initiated and is organizing the New Earth New Life Walking Meditation Network, hosting the New Earth New Life Golden Phoenix Forum. For more details, please visit our website www.learnwithuniversalmind.com


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  1. […] So special first it lies in the Super New Moon in the last Zodiac sign Pisces, the double fish. In early astrology the two fish were depicted far apart (Yin Yang lost its balance, an era of striving). But when it becomes head to tail connected, it entails the Oneness stage we are entering. As Jesus said, ‘for many first will become last, the last becomes first, and they will become one’.   After all the fish comes from the water, the origin of life, without water there is no life.   So special it is also because  of this total eclipse path, over the two oceans, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean – it starts at sunrise in the Indian Ocean to the west of Indonesia, and then goes eastward across the Indian and Pacific Oceans until it ends to the west of North America at sunset.   Indian Ocean, surrounding the Indian continent where the full Divine Knowledge were foretold to humanity carried in the Sacred Text of Bhagavad Gita;   Pacific Ocean that bears the meaning of peaceful characters, of putting an end to conflicts. It is not difficult to perceive that the Divine Plan for Humanity to ascend to a higher vibrational dimension. If there are thresholds in this Ascension Journey, then at current conscious understanding, each special astrological alignment is a station in our life journey that energize us and more importantly gives us an opportunity to reflect,  replenish and prepare us for heading to the next station on this journey.   It must be creating an enormous vacuum/emptiness at subtle energy level to the earth environment including all beings dwelling on it when we experience a few minutes’ total darkness from the Sun lights, and a strong pulling from a very close moon position, and a day earlier pass-by by an unwelcome asteroid which stirred so much anxiety among the human species. In tune yourself to it, follow the flow, let all old obstructions go, bravely breathe in the new energy. This is another strong sign which tells us it is the ending of an old era – an era represented by the tilted energy of striving, selfishness and material aggression that cause harms to the rest of the whole.   When are we coming to a platform of the ascension?   From 2012, a very slim proportion of the population already felt the energy – it was brewing the change.   The true change or we say shift in the human society truly started from 2013, and all sentient beings are witnessing big events unfolding and many being a part of it. By 2025 in a span of 12 years time, all human beings will have experienced the up-pulling energy, either through thriving happiness, excitement or anxiety, conflicts, which is the Divine destruction of the old forms either in our individual or collective lives and makes way for the new forms to shape, and our body to  ascend in alignment with our inner being to live a life of true freedom, peace and happiness. To know more about the Journey upward, read this post http://learnwithuniversalmind.com/blog/july-14-1789-2015-a-journey-from-mind-to-heart-liberation/ […]

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