Happy Earth Day to Green Earth Life

April 22, Earth Day! This day is also my dog, Hero’s 12th birthday, so I decided to drive back to DC let him visit some of the parks where we used to take walks (he missed them) and me do some errands. Along route 301 from eastern shore all the way there were a lot of greens, cool fresh air came into the car from the open windows, Hero was enjoying looking outside as he always does when we are on road. I felt very comfortable in the car wearing a sweater top and jeans with another layer of thick short skirt. However while we were approaching DC I could hear Hero’s breathing and I realized the temperature got higher. Then it got much higher in DC, driving on H street you could only see scattered trees along the street, the air got dry, and Hero started panting so I had to close my windows and switched on my air conditioning for him (I myself could tolerate more heat). It felt the temperature difference was at least 5 celcius degrees (9 Fahrenheit).

modern city life

less city life

What a contrast! My point is today’s city life is completely filled with modern busy man-made products, making man himself lose contact with nature where He originally came from. Like all life forms, man has incredible ability to adapt into its environment – as we always say ‘we are used to it’ or ‘you’ll get used to it’. Yes, it is true you can get used to many things if you will. This is because our flesh body lives in this physical world and subject to its condition and the law of inertia. However Getting used to something doesn’t mean that ‘something’ does good to you. You can get used to the traffic noises next to your house, but endless, loud noises can never be good to your health; you can get used to the environment where trees are replaced by a lot of concrete and steel high rises and the air filled with gas smell, carbon dioxides and other pollutants, but they can never be good to your health instead increase your stress; you can get used to speaking on cellphones longer and longer, with that seemingly convenience you just unconsciously lose yourself and your life.

I’m glad that President Obama ‘turns up heat on climate change debate in Florida’ today on this 2015’s Earth Day (http://www.cnn.com/2015/04/22/politics/obama-everglades-florida-climate-change/), and a lot of people celebrate this day, but are you getting used to this holiday-like ‘celebrating so many international individual days’ but not truly carry the spirit in its meaning?

So let 2015’s Earth Day stay in everybody’s mind
May each day be Earth Day from today
May everybody remember this Earth under your feet is birth-giving, life nurturing with its Green Life,
And with gratitude, return Green to its Life!


Love and Peace!


Posted by Helen Zhu  copyright@learnwithuniversalmind.com

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