Peaceful Control on Human Population through Self Healing by Acknowledging and Letting Go (2)

While I was driving by some farms yesterday I slowed down, as I always do, to watch their cattle – two of them crouching next to each other chewing, when saw me approaching they turned their heads to me, and one of them stood up slowly walking towards me at the other side of the fence. When my eyes met theirs, a sudden burst of emotion came out, my tears rushed down – I saw no sunshine in their eyes, a quiet, silent acceptance of hopelessness. Why was I so emotional? Perhaps because I read about some facts and statistics about domesticated animals while I was searching on the internet when I was writing the article about peaceful control on human population, and thought about our human behaviors.

livestock farming

Yes, the issue of over human population is not just the damages brought to the earth environment by breaking the life circle on earth from human species itself, it resulted in a lot of more damages and sufferings to the environment and other animals previously considered separately, or have not been aware of.

Led by human’s desires to control and to possess after Man slipped to the duality state of mind, human beings started to domesticate wild animals and to cultivate land to the development of modern agriculture – forestry were cut down massively, pastures were turned into husbandry farmlands, competing natural habitat, which is part of the natural resources for regeneration of life supply, with wild animals. One of the consequences, today we have over populated livestocks. According to an article on (sourced from multiple research institutes), in order to feed the over 7 billion humans, 40% of the earth surface land have been converted to farmland that raises livestocks, such as cattle, sheep, chicken, pigs, and 30% of the farmland are directly used for producing feeds to the livestocks. And the greenhouse gas emission from livestock production is tremendous.

On the other hand, since the domestication from wild lives, the domesticated animals lost their natural survival ability. And many of them suffer from human’s irresponsibility and ignorance apart from the unhumane treatment from concentrated productions. Cats and dogs are the most popular pets worldwide, almost everywhere, become over populated, and abandoned dogs and cats are also everywhere. Just Take US for example, according to American Human society, there are about 86.4 million cats and 78.2 million dogs in homes around the U.S, but each year 3-4 million end up in animal shelters, and each year nearly 3 million healthy dogs and cats are euthanized. These are just from US. About what about other places, the whole globe? And why so many pets end up becoming homeless and being euthanized? Again caused by human beings. It’s human’s irresponsible behaviors and ignorance about life, nature and themselves that cause pet animals sufferings – selfish blind breeding driven by profit desires, taking pets as their easily disposable belongs instead of lives.

A New Earth Life can not come forth if human species, the main player on earth does not change its blind behaviors of continuous exploiting other lives including our mother earth. These thousands of years’ blind behaviors, to many people, are ‘normal’, have not been recognized because men have been losing balance between Yin Yang energy, to be specific, the Yin energy has been over shadowed by the single Yang energy led by human’s desires for more, for big, for extra, for exaltation, for domination etc. in every aspect of earth life from nations at globally level to individuals at the social element level. Only by restoring back the balance with yin yang energy, allowing the Spirit in us to outshine our body senses and mind desires, letting go all the mind work, to acknowledge these problems, issues caused by human beings, then the earth can restore its health and heal itself.

By recognition and acknowledgment of our old habitual behaviors, we do not mean to complain to each other, to blame each other or to self-denounce as a species, but, by forgiving ourselves and others, to release our burdens from our past which stand in the way for us moving forward, because human’s mind can easily and are used to presenting self-deceiving arguments and reasons to support his sluggish nature due to the law of gravitation. We must go beyond our mind work, overcome this self-deception nature. To achieve this we would need to have a vision where we are heading, which leads to this fundamental question – what is our New Earth Life?

To answer this, I would like to invite each earth citizen to think about and imagine what the differences it would make if the earth regains more green vegetation coverage, even close to its originally created state, and most of human’s livestock are gone and transformed to wild animals and the cultivated lands are restored to natural habitats for wild animals in much larger regions monitored and their numbers managed by human beings, and seasonally human beings join the hunt for our natural food supply while human beings can still keep some lands for cultivating edible vegetables and fruits, of course with a manageable number of human population in the picture?

The Garden of Eden with fruit trees and animals, and rivers running throughout the whole land is not a fairy tale only told at bedtimes for children, but a true Kingdom that all of us can enter if you allow the healing happen, both from yourself as individual and humanity as a species!

Jesus said:  “In the days when you consumed what is dead, you made it what is alive. …  On the day when you were one you became two. But when you become two, what will you do?”

To know more about self healing and Humanity healing for the New Earth Life, please read 2 in 1 in 2 The Supreme Revelation (Part I The three Tier Messages, Part II The Decoding); the books are not only revealing which emanates up pulling energy, but also provide you step by step guidance for self healing and earth healing.


Love and Peace!


Posted by Helen Zhu      Copyright@LWUM


Helen Xinhui Zhu is a visionary, teacher, soul awakening and New Earth New Life Initiatives facilitator. She provides consultation for New Earth New Life Initiatives for policy makers, and she initiated and is organizing the New Earth New Life Walking Meditation Network, hosting the New Earth New Life Golden Phoenix Forum. For more details, please visit our website


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