Do You Really Know How to Answer – ‘Who Are You’?

Yi Shot Down Nine Suns (Yi She Jiu Ri) is a legend back to about 3000 BCE of China. At the time of Yao after Emperor Huang, there were ten suns appearing in the sky at the same time which resulted in people’s suffering from severe droughts, burning crops, chapped lands and arising monsters who came to swallow people in the chaos. Yi was sent by Yao to deal with and He shot down nine suns and subdued those monsters, therefore we have one sun by earth now.


Well, whenever this legend is introduced, mostly people would emphasize on the heroic spirit of Yi, but neglect the other important aspect of the legend – there were ten suns appearing at the same time.

Can you imagine what it would be like if we have ten suns, or even more in our solar system? What would be the results?

At this dawning time of human consciousness evolution, the question ‘Who You Really Are’ has been raised and answered by millions of people, and for the seekers, we almost unanimously come to the conclusion that we are the Sons of God, or part of the All That Is, the Source. If you’re with this, you’re blessed to come on the right track. However even to come to this point, it took humanity thousands of years to realize it and still it is only perceived by a minority people so far, but this only answered half of the question. And the other unanswered part, in my opinion, is crucial and a key for any individual human as well as humanity as one being to journey back to God nature. For people who haven’t yet come to this point and would like to start to search for the answer, my co-authored Books’2 in 1 in 2, the Supreme Revelation‘ is a good, broader and revealing read. And we believe sooner or later, more and more people will too realize the Truth no matter you have a faith or an absolute atheist. So this article is trying to deal with the unanswered part of the question.

Yes, We are Sons of God at the essence, the Inner Being, but our body is far from aligned with it, actually very far apart from it. How comes this – the losing balance of the Yin Yang in our body is to focus. If we see our body as the Yin force, and our Inner Being as the Yang force, only when the body and the Inner Being become totally one, fully aligned, the Yin Yang become one, we would fulfill the journey to return to God nature. Because of the lost balance between Yin Yang energy in our body, more specifically in our current world, the Yang energy is over shadowing the Yin energy, the human’s body which is constituted by the physical senses, emotions, mind and intellect is extremely over stretched and twisted by the overly played Yang energy coming from ourself and the world, therefore it can not fit with our beautiful Inner Being which is dwelling inside the body.

Due to this lost balance, most of us cannot see a whole picture of the unfolding future, but only captured the Yang characterized power released from recognizing our God’s nature. Throughout the human history, it is not that we, as one being, do not have enough power, on the contrary we had too much power therefore we let our body, represented by our mind and intellect, out grew our Inner Being, leading us astray, and brought damage to ourselves and the earth life. No doubt, as Sons of God, we inherit a part of God’s creation power, but what are the behaviors or the principles of behavior for the Sons of God? They are encoded in the descriptions of the four rivers in Garden of Eden (ref. 2 in 1 in 2 the Supreme Revelation). And as Sons of God, each of us has been seeded by God for a particular purpose, our journey back to God’s nature – the reunion of our body and our Inner Being requires us to find out that particular purpose and to manifest it in form in this physical world. In other words, in what form is our life going to be manifested on this journey in this physical world? You will need to ask yourself – because it is our Divine task, can only be handled and answered by ourselves.

One of the four principles of the Heavenly Law, or God’s Law is the Abundance of Life Forms, which means your ultimate life form can be one of those unlimited trillions of biologic lives on earth and in the universe, be it a human being, an animal, a tree, a grass or a planet, or a star in Space. And each of the life forms itself is a universe in its vicinity which has a vast space for the seeded Being to explore. Between different life forms there are no difference in being advanced or less advanced, high or low, favoured or unfavoured by God, the Supreme Spirit, they are just different, which you may or may not familiar with. Let’s see a human’s life in this metaphor: When God seeded you, He might seed you as a big tree which has the potential to grow into maturity so that it will provide shade and shelter for a lot of birds; He might seed you as a shrub which has the potential to grow into maturity to be a companion of a beautiful garden; and He might seed you as a grass which has the most potent of life regeneration and together with other grasses provide a beautiful clothing for our mother earth. And if the shrub being comes into life to always long to become that big tree because he ‘thinks’ the big tree attracts a lot of birds, and he spends most of his energy in longing and trying to become that big tree so that little is left for him to attend himself, then worms come to eat up all his new sprout, and sucking up his blood, he would eventually die.

Same as a human being, you would need to find out what seed you have been planted, and this is the toughest job we human beings are facing because there are so many dazzling life forms which catch our attention and blurr our eyes therefore we are so easily distracted and led astray. At the dawning moment of human consciousness evolution, we are still facing the same task as we have always been but with much destructive power if we do not realize this crucial point. As an individual human being, we need to be well aware of this – yes, you are a sun, the center of your own universe to shine on your own path and those passers by, but if you misplace this expectation to think you are a sun of the solar system, even a sun of the cosmic universe, you are sure to go astray, consequently you will not be able to align with your inner being by putting other being’s shoes on your own feet, you would surely experience sufferings, and the environment where you dwell will also take the consequences from your doing, just like the legend described in Yi She Jiu Ri.

However as a life form itself constantly evolves through different stages to eventually become mature, you may not be able to find out what is your ultimate life form at the very beginning of your life – to stay on track, you will always need to follow your soul which is in your heart and listen to your true Inner Being, and this would require you let the Yin Yang energy stay balanced. Here are the characteristics of the Yin and Yang force energy:

The Yin force is characterized with elements that are Manifested, Crystallized, Still, Calm, Cool, Peaceful, Orderly, Soft, Negative, Heavy, Passive, Dark, Female, Woman, etc.

The Yang force is characterized with elements that are Unmanifested, Vibrational, Energetic, Dynamic, Hot, Restless, Chaotic, Hard, Positive, Light, Active, White, Male, Man etc.

Frequently check yourself with the Yin Yang energy elements in your daily life manifestation and adjust them on time. To keep Yin Yang in balance, you will need to stay quiet, frequently do meditation to have your soul awakened. Only when your soul awakes it would start to lead you on your journey to return to God Nature. To know more about the soul awakening process and more about yourself, I recommend you read my co-authored books “2 in 1 in 2 the Supreme Revelation”. God Bless You!



Helen Xinhui Zhu is a visionary, teacher, soul awakening and New Earth New Life Initiatives facilitator. She initiated and is organizing the New Earth New Life Walking Meditation Network, hosting the New Earth New Life Golden Phoenix Forum, and provide consultation for New Earth New Life Initiatives. For more details, please visit our website


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