Chakras, the Engery Centers of The Human Boby – bringing us the balance of emotions and health (1)

Quite common that some people feel very easy to be annoyed, get angry, jealous of their friends, colleagues, difficult to forgive, inclined to be caught in argument, suddenly have fears, worries without cause, don’t know what to do when facing a problem, self-doublt etc… All these are symptoms of loosing balance in the energy body. And when the unbalanced energy accumulated to a certain degree, it will manifest in the physical body in the forms of various diseases.
7-chakras-beginnersIt’s believed both in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism, there are 7 main chakras in the human body and these chakras are the energy centers of human body through which the cosmic energy flows in and out of the human body, connects our bodies to the universe.

Chakra means ‘wheel of light’ in Sanskrit, are constantly spinning in each human body at different frequency, and they nurture different organs and glands. To maintain a healthy and happy being, physically and emotionally, all the energy centers need to be balanced.

The 7 chakras start from the base of the spine, along the spine going up to the crown area, and each chakra also associates with one of the cosmic colors. In my Chinese textbooks I incorporate the 7 colors in the book cover designs from Level 1 to Level 7 aimed at helping learners to balance their energy, activating some dormant energy in the chakras (

I’m going to talk about each chakra in a series of postings. Today about Root Chakra:


Root Chakra associated with red color is located at the base of your spine. It is about the connection with Mother earth, governs the foundation of our life, our physical needs in the material world. If it’s balanced you should feel ease, stable, secure and have the ability to bring financial supply needed; and if it’s not balanced, you can easily feel unsecured, worried, fear, and struggled to bring physical needs on earth or never feel enough, very greedy. And any diseases around anus, genital area can be symptoms of root chakra unbalance, such as constipation, cancer, reproduction organ problems etc.

To balance Root chakra energy, meditate on Red color, visualize it, try to associate red colors in all daily life experiences such clothes, foods etc.

For people who want to learn Mandarin, my Level 1 Chinese TextbookDaily Connection is the beginning of learning the language, it’s about building a foundation of the language, and with the Red color as its cover, I believe it helps you in a natural way to activate and balance your root chakra energy during the learning process. It covers basic greetings, feelings, doing shopping, eating at a restaurant, going to a park etc. And it incorporates visualization, meditation and affirmation in the learning process to help learners in absorbing the language. Visit the store to get more information and purchase it.

Next posting is about Sacral Chakra – 2nd Chakra
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