Chakras, the Energy Centers of The Human Body – Communicate the Truth (5)

We are on a thread of introduction about the energy centers of the human body. Today is the fifth Chakra called Vishuddha in Sanskrit meaning ‘especially pure’, represented by the sky blue color; it is positioned in the throat region therefore also called throat Chakra. It is associated with hearing and speaking, and it is governing communication and expression of the truth.

throatchakra Moving up from the heart Chakra where the Divine Fire is formed resulting from the clashes of the down pouring Divine energy and the upward seeking (desire) energy, we meet the Vishuddha that is represented by a symbol with 16 blue purplish lotus pedals bearing 16 Sanskrit vowels – sounds, at its middle is a downward triangle of the Divine energy holding in it a circular white which represents the pure moonlight where the pure cosmic energy locates symbolizing the purification of the human body. It is believed when Vishuddha is fully activated the human being can hear/receive the inner voice which communicates the Divine messages or knowledge and speaks out the truth. The Divine knowledge dispels the fear in our body which is the source for not speaking the truth, and may cause some habitually tell lies. And when the Chakra is closed the person would experience moral decay and death. The sense of self-quilt is the main factor to cause energy blockage at the heart and it blocks the energy move up smoothly to the center of pure cosmic energy to get purified.
At this unprecedented human history of transformation, many people have already experienced the powerful Divine energy working in this physical world – truths are being revealed, lies are being exposed everyday; and we are sure more and more people will be filled with this Divine energy and experience a true freedom of expressing the truth. At this time follow the flow without resistance, keep positive, tell what your heart feels to tell, and this is the best and will set you high to get to your dreamed place!
To help activate and balance the Throat Chakra, meditate on the light blue color, frequently look at the blue sky and blue sea, and the most important, give yourself some quiet time, train yourself to be alone, to listen to that inner voice.
With lots of love and a Merry Christmas!



Helen Xinhui Zhu is a visionary, teacher, soul awakening and New Earth New Life Initiatives facilitator. She provides consultation for New Earth New Life Initiatives for policy makers, and she initiated and is organizing the New Earth New Life Walking Meditation Network, hosting the New Earth New Life Golden Phoenix Forum. For more details, please visit our website


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