The Olive Tree – Han Hong

Where are you now? Do you often ask yourself this question? Here is the old song, it just came to me and wanted me to share it here:
Gǎnlǎn Shù 橄榄树 lyric 作词:三毛 music 作曲:李泰祥

Don’t ask me where I come from, my home land is far away.

Why wander so far away? For those little birds flying in the sky,
for the gentle streams flowing in the mountains, for the open grassland,
(I) lead a vagrant life, wandering far away.
And also, for the Olive Tree in my dreams.

Don’t ask me where I come from, my home land is far away.
Why wander so far away? far away? For the Olive Tree in my dreams.

Below are the Pinyin for people who wish to learn to sing the song:

bú yào wèn wǒ cóng nǎlǐ lái, wǒ de gùxiāng zài yuǎnfāng. wèishénme liúlàng,
liúlàng yuǎnfāng, liúlàng?
wèile tiānkōng fēixiáng de xiǎo niǎo, wèile shānjiān qīngliú de xiǎoxī, wèile kuānguǎng de
cǎoyuán, liúlàng yuǎnfāng, liúlàng.
hǎi yǒu, hái yǒu, wèile mèngzhōng de gǎnlǎn shù. bú yào wèn wǒ cóng nǎlǐ lái, wǒ de
gūxiāng zài yuǎnfāng. wèishénme liúlàng, wèishénme liúlàng yuǎnfǎng? wèile wǒ mèngzhōng
de gǎnlǎn shù.



Ganesh Mantra to Remove Obstacles in Aligning Body Mind and Soul

We have chanted many mantras for various purposes. Sanskrit Mantras are seed syllables carrying powerful sound energy to influence our presence, align our mind, body and soul through balancing the chakras, our body’s energy centers. When we start a new venture, wish to remove all obstacles, Ganesh Mantra is to chant.

Usually when we chant mantras we do 108 times. the Powerful meaning of 108:

1 = the Oneness, Wholeness of all things, first seed of the creation
0 = emptiness, the limitless, origin of All
8 = the Eternity, the Union of the Manifestation and Unmanifestation, the Wholeness, the Oneness

Om gam ganapataye namaha!
A very loose translation:
Om = Oh, the Original Divine Force
Gam = The secret power sound of Ganesh. It is his “seed syllable”.
Ganapataye = The breaker of obstacles, another name of Ganesh,
Namaha = Yo! Ganesh! we salute to you!


Prayer – Weng Qian Yu

You may want to learn this Chinese song in a time of turbulence. Here is the Translation

Prayer of Chinese version by Singapore singer Wengqianyu

May we sound the bell of Hope, so much pray from our hearts;
May nobody see failure, success always.

May the earth forget rotating, forever spring in seasons;
May the universe never close the door, the Sun set not.

Let joy ride on sorrow, smile without effort;
Let time know how to reverse, youth never slip away.

Let poverty starts escaping, happiness and healthiness fill the air.
Let darkness nowhere to find, happy life flourish like flowers blossom

May we sound the bell of Hope, so much pray from our hearts;
May nobody see failure, success always.

祈祷   翁倩玉


让我们敲希望的钟呀 多少祈祷在心中
让大家看不到失败 叫成功永远在

让地球忘记了转动呀 四季少了夏秋冬
让宇宙关不了天窗 叫太阳不西冲

让欢喜代替了哀愁呀 微笑不会再害羞
让时光懂得去倒流 叫青春不开溜

让贫穷开始去逃亡呀 快乐健康流四方
让世间找不到黑暗 幸福像花开放

让我们敲希望的钟呀 多少祈祷在心中
让大家看不到失败 叫成功永远在
让我们看不到失败 叫成功永远在

Sorry, I couldn’t find a better sound quality for this song!

Lot of Prayers, Love and Peace

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