Balancing Your Yin Yang Energy through Powerful Sacral Chakra Meditation

In this Yang energy dominated physical world, to which the flesh body of each of us is conditioned to, we unavoidably lose our balance between the two of them – Yin Yang Union through our daily encounters with the whole of our environment in the form of people, events, noises. This Sacral Chakra is our body’s energy center which connects our energy body and the cosmic energy, is the root for life generation and creativity. It needs constant clearance through meditation or other energy work, uncleared blockage in this chakra would cause problems, issues. It is crucially important in this particular period of historic astrological time, since there are a lot of different kinds of energy in play on earth right now at the moment.  For more information about Sacral Chakra, please read the introduction article on the New Vision Teaching section here.

So  Stay Well Balanced, Be a  Positive Influencer!


Love and Peace!


Posted by Helen Zhu    Copyright@LWUM

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