The Way of Life – Men’s Unconscious Acts Against the Will of Nature/God (Part I)

react_logo_design_by_oliver240693-d4fn9m7I was in a dilemma of choosing either the current one or ‘All Have the Potential But Who Will Actually Enter the Bridal Chamber in this life time?’ for the title of the article. Although both are good to cover what the article is dealing with, as considering the second may sound a bit more spiritual but less practical in linking today’s ‘economic issues’ the world are facing, I decided to use the current one.

Human’s minds are used to dividing our life into different segments – private, public, individual and social, political or economic etc. In the eye of Nature, or God, nothing is divided, everything is part of life well connected, situated on an intricate unlimited dimensions of sphere, in which the parts we can call ‘domains’. And the Ultimate Law to govern life is the Law of Balance, so the universe always runs in compliance with the law of balance, ie. any event or activity that happens has its meaning to keep the balance – when balance is lost in the whole, events, activities would naturally happen in individual domains in order to bring the balance back to the whole.

As a lot of economists always applied different models to try to explain and predict the world economy, individual country’s economy, proposing antidotes to financial meltdown, economic sluggishness, increase of unemployment rate in the past, at this dawn of new world order, the current world economy seems resists the normal ways injected by men, and the universal conscious mind tells us to rethink and take different approaches.

No matter it’s individual work life or social economic life, they both parts of life, individual activities comprise social economic life. When world economy ‘collapses’, we first see unemployment rate goes higher, and it is usually viewed as ‘bad’ and if governments do not do something to turn it over, it’s labeled as ‘economic failure’. And in this economic world, it is always presumed that a success in economy is to keep its GDP growth each year (each individual employee expects an increase in the wage), if not, critics would lash out to the policy makers, and guided by these opinions, the public start to panic. Well, with the new expansion of our consciousness and the awareness of universal connectivity, these scenes may forever change. I see this the wake-up call from a different aspect for change of old way of thinking, old way of life, old way of reaction to bring the economy back to its ‘normal’ cycle – the old economic model does not work any more, because it creates undigestable social inequality, it fuels and amplifies the weakness of human flesh in its uncontrolable desires for more therefore bring humanity to the opposite direction where it is supposed to head to – embracing its spirit inside an individual and the universal brotherhood collectively.

In this currency/money driven economic activity, when financial meltdown happens, unemployment rate increases, I see it a way that God wants to redistribute the material wealth towards balance through either unemployment compensation, wage adjustment or charitable actions from higher income individuals; I also see it a way God wants to redistribute the work loads among labors (all who are engaged in the production and services in the society, may include employers themselves by their own will).

I’ve just recently stayed in a less industrialized area at eastern shore. When I visited a store of a big hardware chain there, to my surprise, I saw much more employees (than customers) working, hanging around in the store. I chatted a bit with them, to know that most of them work a few hours a week to part time in the store, and the employees are more friendly and helpful and look happier, and their service charge is less than any of the stores back in the commercialized cities. I immediately thought this really should be one of the scenes in today’s economic world.

Also whenever unemployment is unavoidable, companies and employees may need to rethink who are going to be laid off or take a break first – if you view it as a chance for adjustment of workloads among labors. Take Japan for example, after the three decades of hot economic growth, it experienced stock crash in early 1990s, from then on till now, Japan has been regarded as in recession by old way of thinking, with around 1.5 GDP growth, but Japan had been the world second largest economy till 2010, still the third now and Japanese people are among one of the highest income group in the world, its unemployment rate keeps as low as 3-5%. So does it really matter or does the GDP have to increase year by year? The answer is a definite No otherwise Nature would not have issued its power to bring the economy down, while men do not realize this instead of following the flow to ease its activity but always against the Will of Nature, the Will of God by taking immediate actions to counter effect nature’s adjustment. In the past it might have been worked because after all the ‘lion’ had not grown into its full strength yet, however scripture revelation says only when the ‘lion’ (desires and lusts) prevails it offers the chance to be ‘slain’ (only if the lion to be slain, it can emerge into a lamb) and before the new world order manifests competitiveness is no more in existence because it takes up the place where Spirit should rest. Without Spirit in its place, the world economy had been running wild and lost its balance; and driven by this wild/hot economy, human society, human’s body has been distorted and human’s life activity lost its spirit, becoming pointless, blind chasing, blind following and blind material wealth collecting. So when Jesus said ‘Blessed are the poor, for yours is the Kingdom of Heaven’, He really meant The Poor have nothing to worry about, nothing to complicate and take up their mind, their life, for them it’s easier to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

So to jump out of this so called economic recession – this actually a full scale life meltdown, from governments to individuals, business as usual solutions do not work any more, they can only be counterproductive. Old economic models and views need to be transformed into visionary views of New Earth Life models towards a well-balanced comprehensive social, economic and political justice, instituted under the principles of Law of God (ref. 2 in 1 in 2 The Supreme Revelation). Individual’s working life is a subdomain of social economic life, either of them loses its balance will take a toll on the other unavoidably.

Again my 2nd choice of the tilt – All Have the Potential But Who Will Actually Enter the Bridal Chamber in this life time?

As Jesus said, “Many are standing by the door, but only the solitary will enter the bridal chamber” – this bridal chamber is the state where your body can merge with your Soul, your mind can talk with your heart, only when you can retreat from time to time away from your busy schedules of daily routine, give yourself quiet time, become solitary, you can enter as early as possible the Kingdom of Heaven, the Peaceful Land.

—— To be continued in next post

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