A Dialogue Between The Mind and The Soul – updated

This dialogue was posted in Feb 2014. Today I’m reposting it with little update. Hope more people would cherish the meaning in it!

The mind and the soul are close friends. One day the mind asked the soul:”Hey my friend, I’m so used to being busy, now while I’m not that super busy, shall we do a comparison between us and see who will score higher?” “Oh my dear,” the soul replied “what do you want to compare?”


The Mind said:”they say you were created before me, how come, I’m so important, without me how can you think, how can you do anything?”

The Soul said:”Amituofo! I see both you and I never were born, we come into this body as a single Qi, without us the body cannot function”

The Mind said:”But where were you when I invented electricity, trains, and so many other wonders?”

The Soul said:”oh my dear, did you forget you had many dreams before the first bulb made bright?

The Mind said:”as you mention, I hate my brain, sometimes it gives me headaches, sometimes it is out of control”

The Soul said:”your brain is a wonderful gift, why do you try to control it? If your brain is damaged you can not invent any more wonders. So just let it be.

The Mind said:”But so many things come to disturb me, they take away my energy, make me crazy, they’re so annoying…”

The Soul Said: Amituofo, calm  down my dear! At these times, look at the Sun in the day, look at the Moon in the night.

The Mind said:”Last time when I was in the anti-war demonstration, you were there too, but why did you join the troop in aiding their casualties?”

The Soul said:”an event starts, it is to end. If I want to see peace, this one has to end”.”Peace will be on earth when there is no border between countries”

The Mind said:”Oh my friend, when will the borders between countries be removed?”

The Soul answered:”when the mind has no borders! and the Wish-Fulfilling Jewel is uncovered!”


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