A Dialogue Between The Mind and The Soul

The mind and the soul are close friends. One day the mind asked the soul:”Hey my friend, I’m so used to being busy, now while I’m not that super busy, shall we do a comparison between us and see who will score higher?” “Oh my dear,” the soul replied “what do you want to compare?”

The Mind said:”they say you were created before me, how come, I’m so important, without me how can you think, how can you do anything?”

The Soul said:”Amituofo! I see both you and I never were born, we come into this body as a single Qi, without us the body cannot function”

The Mind said:”But where were you when I invented electricity, trains, and so many other wonders?”

The Soul said:”oh my dear, did you forget you had many dreams before the first bulb made bright?

The Mind said:”as you mention, I hate my brain, sometimes it gives me headaches, sometimes it is out of control”

The Soul said:”your brain is a wonderful gift, why do you try to control it? If your brain is damaged you can not invent any more wonders. So just let it be.

The Mind said:”But so many things come to disturb me, they take away my energy, make me crazy, they’re so annoying…”

The Soul Said: Amituofo, calm  down my dear! At these times, look at the Sun in the day, look at the Moon in the night.

The Mind said:”Last time when I was in the anti-war demonstration, you were there too, but why did you join the troop in aiding their casualties?”

The Soul said:”an event starts, it is to end. If I want to see peace, this one has to end”.”Peace will be on earth when there is no border between countries”

The Mind said:”Oh my friend, when will the borders between countries be removed?”

The Soul answered:”when the mind has no borders! and the Wish-Fulfilling Jewel is uncovered!”


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