A Dialogue between Light and Darkness (1)

Awakening, are you aware at any minute in life you can be participating in the old systems, give in to it. I heard people say “I know I am a spirit, infinite being, has no limitation, but in this reality of everyday life I still have to think how to pay the bills”. Are you willing to continue and let the unacceptable go on forever? and which energy you are representing?
Light: I am the owner of the property, I just noticed you have shut off my water supply, I had someone come to repair my washer today but had to send him back since he could not test the machine without water.

Darkness: there is a balance in your bill, in order to have the water restored, the balance has to be paid

Light: I have paid all bills belonging to me, these bills are not mine, they were consumed by the tenants and they are responsible for their consumption; they didn’t pay me rent and fees for all utilities. I warned you that they were a fraud, not intending to pay anything, and I was not going to pay their bills. Why did you still allow that happen?
Darkness: as we already said we don’t make differences on whose responsibility to pay the bill, you are the owner, you are responsible for the bills, that’s the law, made by Congress

Light: don’t tell me it is the law, many laws are out of date, they need to be updated. Why should I pay for their expenses? They not only didn’t pay me but irresponsibly use the water, and I repeatedly requested you to shut off the water back in June, but you said you couldn’t because people were living in the property. Why not, they are adults, they have the legal capacity to be responsible for their own behaviors. You deliberately allowed this happen, now you force me to pay their bills by shutting off the water supply. Isn’t this double standard you’re playing?

Darkness: we did shut it off in November, but someone turned it back, stealing the water; this happened in your property, we don’t know what’s happening in your property, you’re the owner, you are responsible for the bills

Light: that’s ridiculous! How can I be responsible for someone else behaviors, the property was under the possession of the tenants, I couldn’t control what they were doing. And that would had been different If I hadn’t had notified you that they were bunch of professional lawless people, didn’t prepare to pay anything, they also made damages to my house; and I warned you I would not be responsible for their bills, but you still allowed this happen. To me your conducts were like fishing! Do you know by allowing them continuing use the water you indulge these lawless criminal conducts, you are not withholding justice. Where is your justice!?

Darkness: For us we don’t tell who are illegal or legal, there is the over $900 balance for this property, in order to have the water restored, you have to pay the balance, there is no other solution!

Light: They have just been evicted, I have all the court documents and the leasing agreement to prove that they’re responsible for utility fees, do you want me to show you all these documents?

Darkness: We don’t need to see your leasing agreement, you’re the owner of the property, you are responsible for paying the balance, that is the law, made by Congress!

Light: if you couldn’t shut off the water while the lawless people were occupying my property, how can you shut it off now while I’m moving back? It is unfair to me. By not paying the rent, they already caused me financial stresses, I do not have the money for their bills.

The Darkness: your disputes with your tenants should be resolved in the court, we do not involve between you and your tenants. This is legitimate balance.

Light: Of course we were in the court, and I told you that. If they are normal tenants and if we have disputes between us, I agree I should be responsible for the bills in my name; but they are complete a fraud, illegal group. I had warned you and requested you repeatedly to turn the water off, why didn’t you turn it off till November?

Let me tell you the reason, because you know the law will hold the owner responsible for paying the bills no matter what, and this is the chance for you by indulging irresponsible tenant’s behaviors to take a much larger bill from the owner than you possibly be able to in usual practice. Do you know why America has so many violences? Because of you, the government service, the only water supply to the public, and the whole system make people mad!

Darkness: I understand your situation, but this is the law, we can do nothing to help!

Light: You have no principles in your operation, Money is the only principle you can hold up to, nothing else matters to you, there is no social justice, righteousness!

The Darkness: we don’t want to talk about the same thing over and over, you are the owner, in order to have your water restored, paying the balance is the only option for you!

Light: I can’t agree with your arguments. I can use my credit card to pay it now, only because I need the water turned on immediately, but we are still in dispute. I’ll see you in the court!

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