Meditation and Prayers


Event 1#: Join me for

Forgiving players on Massive Cyber Attacks and Sending Massive Vibrations of Love and Peace to those players and to the Whole World

When: start July 11th,  every Thursday 6:00pm US East Time

Duration: 10 minutes

Event Duration:108 weeks   July11, 2013 – Aug 6, 2015

Follow the guides for meditation and prayers

       Close your eyes, make 3 deep breathes

      Slowly breathe in and out the colors one at a time: Ruby Red, Emerald Green and Light Blue and send them to the base of your spine, see colors expanding to the full of your body when you breathe them out. Then

–    Slowly bring your attention to your heart area (heart chakra)

    Say in silence: God, I’m sorry because I’m ignorant, please forgive me if I feel resentful to those attack players (Truly feel Sorry). I love you! Please forgive those attackers, no matter they’re individuals, groups or governments because they don’t know what they do.  Thank you God for listening to me! Amen!

     Then visualize you, your families, friends and colleagues are so happy and smooth working in front of computers, sending and receiving emails, exploring on the internet with fast speeds (Truly feel the feeling).

     Then make 3 deep breathes again, and bring your attention back to your environment.

Please keep doing this every Thursday for 40 weeks at least. You’ll find the amazing effect on yourself and the outside world.

Ruby Red- Emerald Green - Blue

Colors: Ruby Red- Emerald Green – Blue

(You can do it at home, office, on a bus, in a park wherever you can quiet yourself, in a sitting, lying or standing position. Please do not do it when you’re driving)

To those who haven’t meditated before:

Meditation is not a skill but a state of our mind and heart. As long as you wish the wish, and willing to set your heart and mind from the bottom of the heart on the matter concerned, you’ll gradually form a habit and feel ease to do meditation and prayers. Through participating in this event, you’ll have learned to train yourself to have positive, affirmative thinking and have disciplines, it will have a lot of benefits on your life, I assure you!  If you’re brought here for any reason, you’re already blessed!

Recommendation: Print this scripts out and bring with you for easy reach for the next time!

Note: the background for the initiation of this event

Our website of the Great  Human Project was just launched 2 weeks ago. Last Thursday evening we started experiencing slowness of visiting the website and breakdowns of emails, had to contact the hosting company, and we were told they were experiencing network issues, in couple of hours it should be back, but in the entire Friday and Saturday we couldn’t access our website pages fully and continued having emails interrupted. After 2 days we received an email notification from our hosting company that one of their data centers (where our site locates) received massive cyber attacks.  With this incident happening and the recent cyber spy and cyber warfare exposure to the public and the acceleration of proactive national policies on the internet adopted among countries, it really places threat to the peace of the world and individual’s life. People who are involved in the cyberwars are possessed by imaginary fears – dark energy (low frequency) which can only be dissolved by light. Therefore we initiated this event, we know with lots of people participating in the meditation and prayers, we would send massive vibrations of higher frequency, Love and Peace, forgiveness out.


You can add this beautiful and serene  Celestral music as background,

You can also add more prayers for people on more understanding, more compassion and more self-confidence after the above specific prayer, they can be your family members, your friends, your neighbors, your colleagues or the world in general.

Metaphysics study and experiments show –

Lower form of energy -negative feelings such as fear, anger, anxiety etc. causes DNA twist/cramp which reduces DNA’s ability to regulate cellular function or repair, and thus causes decline in a test subject’s immune response, while the feelings of compassion, love, gratitude boost in immune system. And further the feeling energies are carried by qantum which are beyond time and space, in other words, they travel in and outside our body, and beyond reach to catch other DNAs, keeping the impact on forever. An experiment was made on contaminated water with a PH 11, after an hour of ceremony holding possitive intentions of love on it, it’s PH value became 9, near to that of drinkable water (PH6.5-8.5)

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Lots of Love and Peace!

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